Article Analysis Example: Peace or War?


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Article Analysis Example

Article Analysis Example: Introduction

“Today’s wars are mostly undeclared, undefined, and inglorious affairs typically involving multiple parties, foreign governments, proxy forces, covert methods, and novel weapons” (Tisdall, para. 7). So true, isn’t it. There are, actually, two main parties in today’s wars; the ones who kill and the ones who die! Today’s wars are not the wars of land, dignity, or even religion -although it is not a matter of fact to start a war for-. Wars today are all about money, corporations, and sales.

Body Paragraphs

Contrary to the way that it was quite smoothly storified in the article, there are not many, unclear, multilateral, and unstoppable wars in the world. There is only one war all over the globe today. This way of “ruling” the world is not a new invention. This system was invented long ago and was named capitalism, the kingdom of the capital where the money is the king, money is the ruler, and money is the God. This, unfortunately, concern all of us.

Direct to the point, the short answer is “Yes!” wars could end, and there is a real and simple way to do this, which we will read about in a short while. Although this is not an article to denigrate or disprove capitalism, it is, for sure, a truly fancy and glittery game. It gives you freedom; it gives you chances; it gives you the “right” to make as much money as you work. However, as usual, it is not only the fancy, and gorgeous stories like it is advertised. Everyone is free to work, create, invent, and develop as much as they are eager to get richer, more powerful, and more famous.

However, is not it a bit open-ended? Should not it be limited somewhere? Like making others work as much as you want to get rich, having more money than some of the countries’ total economic volume, and even purchasing some countries or islands. As an individual gets to the point where it is possible to compare herself or himself to a very large group of people or maybe even a country, it is not really possible to keep the mind in the head. The problem is not owning a beautiful little store or establishing a factory and providing jobs to hundreds or thousands of people. The problem is, having corporations that are so large and producing so much of goods that you need to interfere with the decisions of governments and you start domination them into specific ways.

A basic example is a global brand in the clothing industry. As this factory gets bigger and bigger and turns into a global corporation, it naturally needs markets to sell its products, and new places to obtain raw material as well. However, to be able to profit, it requires certain levels of taxes while importing raw material and exporting goods. Therefore it is an excellent point to start negotiating with the government. This part of the example would be enough, in my opinion, to get a rough idea of what is wrong with this system. Now, to the next point. Just imagine that our top-quality brand that produced clothing and selling them at illogical prices is not actually a corporation that owns several giant factories, but it is a heavy artillery giant.

The needs of giant corporations were stated before. To recall, raw material, and “market.” Thus, this is the kingpin of the issue. As it was explained at the beginning of this article, there are only two sides of today’s wars, the ones who kill and the ones who die, namely the customers to this market. Creating multilateral conflicts, invasion opportunities for the minor actors, enemies based on religious goofiness just like playing a carboard game is not the way to end these groundless wars, in which it is not even obvious who is fighting against whom and for what reason.

Article Analysis: Conclusion

To conclude, it is quite possible to end today’s wars in a short period of time by globally ending gun production and closing the gun market all around the world. Once again, as it was stated at the beginning of the article, this is not a paper to criticize or disprove capitalism. However, it is evident that there is a problem with it somewhere. It is essentially not possible to stop deaths around the globe by covering the evil face of capitalism the way it was done, as smoothly as possible, in the article on BBC. Limitless capital is inciting. The right way to stop the evil is realizing that “liberalism” is not giving him the freedom to do whatever he wants.


Tisdall, S. (2020, May 31). Wars without end: Why is there no peaceful solution to so much global conflict? Retrieved June 26, 2020, from

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