Back to the Future: Summary & Analysis


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Back to the Future: Summary & Analysis

Back to the Future Analysis and Summary

Back to The Future (1985) was written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, and it was directed by Robert Zemeckis. Back to The Future is one of the movies that can be described as nostalgic—and the movie questions the possibility of time travel. In the movie, the viewer sees the cultural differences between the past and present. In addition, the movie allows the characters to change their future. Also, the movie carries the message of destiny despite the differences between past and present and the characters come back to the scenes that they were supposed to be. Because in 1955, Dr. Emmet Brown learns that he would invent the time machine in 1985, and Marty would go and film it. Therefore, Marty knows Dr. Emmet Brown's future and tells him the future in 1955. According to the Back to The Future, the first time traveler is Dr. Emmet Brown's dog, Einstein. The reason for using Einstein's name in the movie is that Einstein’s relativity theorem about time travel was attributed a lot.

Einstein suggests that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. Approaching the speed of light, a person inside a spaceship would age much slower than his twin at home (Howell 17). According to the special relativity theorem time slows down for time traveler and everyone else's time gets faster relatively, this provides time traveling. In the Back to The Future, time travel is made possible with a certain speed and plutonium.

The main character Marty goes back 30 years, and he spends a week in 1955 because the time machine which is made by DeLorean car runs out plutonium. However, it is hard to find plutonium in 1955. The only way to create that kind of energy is lightning. Because of Marty's future knowledge, they know the time of the lightning will strike. Moreover, Marty changes the past in some scenes, such as his parent's first kiss story. In addition, Marty ensures the future, he contributes the future. For example, he tells the future Mayor, who works in the diner. However, nobody believes him. They think that a black man would not become a Mayor in 1955.

Another political reference is J.F. Kennedy street in Back to The Future. Marty asks his grandparents about the location in 1955. He describes J.F. Kennedy street, but they do not know J.F Kennedy yet. Also, Marty makes changes in the past, but these changes reflect in his future. That is, he finds his life different when he comes back to 1985. His parents’ life is changed, and his father becomes a successful writer and his mother becomes more supportive about Marty's life. In other words, Marty's actions in 1955 leads him to have the car he wanted. Although he tries to protect his existence in 1955, the changes in the past provide a Better Future for Marty. Another timely modification happens in Marty's siblings. When their dad has low self-confidence, the son works in McDonald's, but when he has self- confidence, the son is wearing suits in the office (Swanson 12). This is an important sociological message for the viewers.

Fatal Attraction Summary and Analysis

Fatal Attraction (1987) was written by James Dearden, and it was directed by Adrian Lyne in 1987. The movie is based on the screenwriter's short story. The director and production were first conflicted about the end of the movie. More specifically, there were two different scenes for the ending. Therefore, one of them was selected: The one that Alex is killed by Beth. They wanted to see Alex as a psychopath who deserved to be killed. Alex was the enemy against American Family.

The movie is about Dan Gallagher. He cheats on his wife with Alex who is a single, working women. Alex and Dan met in a book launch. Even though Alex knows that Dan is married, she still flirts with him. After that night, Dan lives his happy life. One day his wife Beth and their daughter go to see Beth's parents. Dan Gallager is a lawyer. Alex Forrest is an editor. They see each other in a meeting on the day Dan's family is gone. After the meeting, Dan asked Alex to drink some wine together. They are attracted to each other, and they go to Alex's apartment. They spend the night together and the next day, too.

Alex seems to accept the relationship, keeping it just one weekend. However, Dan wants to leave, and the tension between them grows higher. In that scene, Alex cuts her wrists. In other words, she becomes suicidal, and Dan helps her. After the affair, Alex starts to call Dan. After all, one day, she goes to Dan's office and apologizes for her reactions. In his office, Alex admits that she is depressed and she invites him to Madame Butterfly Opera, but when she is rejected by him, she starts to have obsessions about the affair.

Dan seems to forget about the affair after Alex’s visit to the office. However, Alex starts calling his house. Her obsession becomes stronger because she becomes pregnant from the affair, and Dan rejects the child that she is carrying. According to the psychologists, Alex suffers from erotomania, a condition in which a person wrongly believes a person is in love with them (“Surprising Facts,” para. 3). Therefore, she was just a woman with mental disorder, not a psychopath who deserves to be killed.

Alex's actions become more dangerous to Dan's marriage. Alex goes to Dan's apartment as a buyer to meet Beth, his wife. After Dan's family moves out of New York, Alex's actions start becoming even more extreme as she burns Dan's car with acid, and kills and boils his daughter Ellen’s rabbit. However, the breaking point is that Alex kidnaps Ellen, Dan’s daughter. Alex does horrible things, but Dan is not innocent. He threats Alex several times. After the kidnapping, he tries to choke her. In other words, Dan is also a violent man. He does not try to protect his family. He just wants to protect himself from his responsibilities about the pregnancy. Eventually, Alex experiences a psychosomatic breakdown, and she goes to Dan's house. She attacks his wife. In this scene, the viewer sees the erotomania symptoms. Alex believes that Beth is the one who pushes Dan away from her. Even though Dan tries to choke her, she does not stop having the same obsessions.

She attacks Beth, but she fails because Dan comes in and starts struggling with Alex. Subsequently, he gets hurt. But eventually, he chokes Alex in the bathtub, he merely kills her, but the final move comes from Beth, his wife. She shoots Alex on her chest. The production wants to show Alex as a psychopath. They want Alex's death because bloodshed in a dramatic sense brings catharsis. The viewer wants to see Alex's death for some time already.


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