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Documentary Analysis

Documentary Analysis Introduction: Our Planet

Documentary series from Netflix, “Our Planet, " narrated by legendary David Attenborough, is worth watching on the biggest screen and the highest resolution. On 15 April 2015, Netflix announced the start of work on the documentary series Our Planet, created by the team behind the legendary Planet Earth show on the BBC. It took four-year filming, a 600-person film team working in fifty countries, and cutting-edge technology. On 5 April 2019, 4 years after the announcement, the series appeared on a streaming service. This, without exaggeration, is the most ambitious documentary on nature filmed today. Our Planet was produced by Alastair Fothergill, Keith Skuli, and their Silverback Films studio. After all, the documentary leads viewers to evaluate and discuss the current American policies regarding nature and the world.

Body Paragraphs

Alastair Fothergill's track record includes work on such films and wildlife series as The Blue Planet (2001), Planet Earth (2006), Frozen Planet (2011), The Hunt (2015). With so many TV shows on wildlife and the diversity of life on Earth, it seems like the scenario should be repeated (Alastair Fothergill). Suppose you have seen dozens of such shows. In that case, you will probably find similar episodes dedicated to hunting, elaborate rituals of courtship in birds, breeding and raising offspring in extreme conditions, food chains, and human influence on the environment. However, the creator of Our Planet nevertheless manages to show seemingly familiar situations and animals so that you again admire the screen and empathize with the film's heroes. Laugh at the fanciful and absurd at first glance dances of tropical birds, admire the hunting savvy of whales and dolphins, cry over the senseless death of walruses trapped in global warming. Using the most modern technology, automated cameras and drones make it possible to bring dramatic scenes of wildlife to the viewer, raise them to the level of feature films in which you unconditionally believe and empathize with the actors. Frankly, there were some episodes of 'Our Planet,' which made me laughed like I did not laugh at any of the comedies.

However, there are enough sad moments that can squeeze a tear from the most callous spectator. After all, the film's main idea is to show how climate change affects a particular biome, what they have already led to, and what they will most likely lead to in the future. There are optimistic examples of restoration of nature protection zones in the series, but there are more uncomfortable episodes. The first series of the show - One Planet, is a kind of introduction, a brief tour of various natural zones. The remaining episodes are devoted to various natural biomes, such as the Arctic and Antarctic, the jungle, coastal seas, deserts and steppes, marine life, freshwater, forests. Each series has its heroes and its own stories. Still, all of them are united by the idea of the world's fragility around us and the need for immediate action to save life itself on Earth. Accordingly, one can readily infer that American policies regarding climate change are not sufficient.

So how can the American Government help with it? David Attenborough gives suggestions on what we can do to save our world on First, he says we need to think about how the business got into this situation. Unfortunately, we broke the balance that was given to us 20,000 years ago while trying to overcome nature's difficulties. As a government, there should be particular programs to educate people in the USA and encourage people to fight for our Earth. Many people hunt without Hunting License and cause a decrease in the number of certain animal species. Also, illegal fishing controls should be tightened and checked regularly. When we look at the documentary evidence, it is clear that saving or destroying our Planet is only in our hands. While we still have time.

Documentary Analysis Conclusion

After all, America does not have strict policies to combat the global warming danger across the world and the continent. That is, scientific evidence has already shown, as in the documentary, that global warming is happening. However, American policies regarding the CO2 emissions of companies are not sufficient. Therefore, I claim that the impacts of global warming and American policies are directly interrelated, and authorities should develop responsive policies to slow down the pace of climate change.


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