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Malcolm X and Conversion to Islam

Malcolm X Essay: Introduction

The turn to Islam of Malcolm X signifies the incorrect guide to growing black individuals. 20 Feb remarks the ceremony concerning the loss of one of the models, known to most people with Malcolm X - the black, killed civilian liberties lead. He remained a hidden gentleman – so secret that indeed to summon him, Malcolm X continues to give just an incomplete portrayal about him. During his 40 ages, he meant Malcolm Little, the Harlem road hustler. Later, he was called Malcolm X, the black civilian rights representative to the Nation of Islam (Edward "The conversion to Islam of Malcolm X is the wrong model for young black men" 2015). Furthermore, when he departed, he meant El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, the believer to Sunni Islam.

Discussion, Evidence & Counter Argument

Also, following he appeared on universal influence, he remained worthy. He continued his intention to reject faithful or governmental personalities when lately received information exposed earlier talked ideas to happen ill-founded. It starts us to question what different shifts his questioning brain might have experienced had he breathed a more extended living.

During 1992, the eponymous Spike Lee movie presented his tale to later contemporaries. His well-known turn in jail and his repudiation of his Western name remains, in part, accountable to the point that Islam stands the quickest spreading faith amongst blacks within the UK. Numerous black believers move on to follow Islam peacefully ("Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam"). Still, others – being evidenced most dramatically under those events of Germaine Lindsay, Richard Reid, Michael Adebowale, Michael Adeboloja, and Brusthorn Ziamani – hold different beliefs.

The particular Islamist component concerning Malcolm X's legacy perplexes countless. Why, fifty years ahead, perform very numerous disappointed black personages nevertheless opt to that predominant faith regarding the Middle East moreover North Africa? Why Islam rather than Buddhism or Hinduism? If some more self-reflecting holy individuality signifies a specific purpose, why not any religion that proposes some black messiah – such as Rastafarianism?

Within his famous biography, Malcolm X sets specific Christian religion regarding most blacks within the US downgrade to that "white, Christian captive commander infusing his faith in that Negro." Next, he says that "America requires to know Islam because that remains the one faith that eradicates from its community that race obstacle" (Mamiya "Malcolm X" 2020). He didn't have the opportunity to discover that this notion regarding dealing black captives held under every possibility been presented to 16th century Europeans via Muslim prisoners, who held a leader start around a millennium in this awful custom.

Counter Argument

Given his lifetime aim towards mental self-refinement, it is fair to believe that Malcolm X might have performed more changes in his society view had he lasted long-drawn sufficient to discover those truths. If he knew that the Muslim community included the slave masters, he would have changed his opinion. He thinks that Islam is the solution to race problems, but it is not. An advanced justice system is a solution to all these racial problems.

Fifty cycles onward, some law policy that considers every resident's unique value will give those most proper medians to safeguard blacks of particular violence that causes alienation and heads toward what is presently named Islamic radicalization. Yet while we strive towards the aforementioned enhanced practice, that would serve blacks. It is helpful during any low pressure to possess (Edward, "The conversion to Islam of Malcolm X is the wrong model for young black men" 2015). Some fuller also further defined story within memory if confronted by casually plausible arguments, too, for those trying to get their disenchantment on their questionable causes.

Malcolm X Essay: Conclusion

This article examined Malcolm X and his conversion to Islam. This study also analyzes the ideological framework, contributors, and criticisms of this topic. The main goal is to inform about this conversion, and it's shaping effect on societies. The discussions, evidences, and counter-arguments are introduced, defined, and explained in detail. It is evident throughout this work that the focus of this book is not proving Malcolm X's conversion to Islam right. It instead focuses on the adverse effect of this decision on the young black people. The reader who is interested in more detailed discussions of Malcolm X and his decision's shaping power can use works cited section and find scientific information and studies as well as subjective ideas. When the data in this paper is analyzed, it is clear that the turn to Islam of Malcolm X signifies the incorrect guide to growing black individuals.


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