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Universal Health Group
Program Roadmap, Benefits Management, and Governance

Program Roadmap Example: Introduction

Businesses with proper vision and mission should always concentrate on keeping up with the needs of today’s technologically developing world. That is, corporations and organizations should take the necessary steps in terms of human resources, technology, suppliers, and, most importantly, patients and customers. In this assignment, program roadmap benefits management, and governance for the Universal Health Group have been thoroughly examined. The paper presents insights into the identification and analysis of the potential benefits, transition and sustainment processes, and defining the program governance.

Program Roadmap

Microsoft has already agreed to support the Universal Health Group during the migration process. However, the new program requires a great deal of detail and attentiveness. That is, milestones and decision points are among the most critical elements of the program roadmap. More specifically, Skype for business upgrade, multi-factor authentication, exchange upgrade, Windows 10—Office 365, Active Directory [AD] modernization, self-service password reset, Information Access Management [IAM] Phase 2, American Health Center migration, affiliate integration, and physician’s service alliance migration are the critical milestones and element of the program roadmap. Although these elements may seem chronological and gradual developments, one cannot neglect the fact that many of these elements are interrelated, thus requiring a collective process of implementation. In other words, the elements are dependent on each other in terms of system requirements. For instance, Skype for business upgrade requires a well-functioning UPN normalization and Multi-Factor authentication. Similarly, Office 365 cannot be functional without Windows 10 update, exchange online, Windows Defender ATP, or OneDrive. Figure 1 shows more detailed insight and data to this tricky process.

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Figure 1. The collective dependency of each element in program roadmap

Upon analyzing Fig. 1, one can readily assume that the program roadmap should progress in a chronological and gradual way in terms of priority on dependency. That is, certain applications are required by many other elements of the program roadmap. Accordingly, the program roadmap should start with the UPN Normalization as it is required for 7 out of 10 elements in the component list. Subsequently, Windows Defender ATP, InTune, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Skype for Business should rapidly follow the update of the UPN, respectively. More specifically, within 90 days, these components should be collectively updated by the IT team for an active process. After 90 days of implementation of critical elements, the rest of the components can be updated instantly without a technical problem.

Analysis of Potential Benefits

A thorough benefits plan is considered critical to program management. That is, a program should have specific targets that reflect upon the probable outcomes of implementation. In this sense, one can readily claim that enhanced collaboration support, consistent UPN formats, sunset of on-premises servers, reduced maintenance costs, updated office applications, and access to new features are among the initial benefits of such a program implementation, as shown in Figure 2.

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Figure 2. A detailed outlook to the initial program benefits

Successful execution of this program can first bring the above-mentioned elements in Figure 2. However, the benefits are not limited to such elements. That is, a more secure digital environment thanks to Windows Defender update, data security through Data Loss Prevention and OneDrive, and a complete practical workflow thanks to the latest Microsoft 365 applications are among the other program benefits that are likely to create a collectively smooth operation. Also, one can infer that Automated Information Portal, among other scheduled updates, are likely to assist physicians’ workflow.

From a strategic perspective, the implementation of Windows—10 and Office 365 will enable employees to make use of the latest templates and applications that are designed stylistically and thoroughly. That is, former office applications do not support the most stylistic office components that are essential for presentable customer representation (Dhru, 2018). Similarly, a credible and large organization such as Universal Health Group should ensure the safety of its customer data. Therefore, safety applications such as Windows Defender and saving customer data on credible platforms such as OneDrive are among the necessary steps to be taken in terms of brand reputation for customer data management. In terms of transition and sustainability, it is critical to follow the priority list of updates, as mentioned earlier. In other words, the committee should not neglect the importance of the priority of core elements in the roadmap, such as UPN Normalization, which is required by the 7 out of 10 elements in the list.

Quick Summary of the Program Governance

In this part of the assignment, roles and responsibilities, meeting frequencies, attendees, authority, and approval processes, and reporting requirements have been presented. Figure 3 shows the current structure of governance in the Universal Health Group.

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Figure 3. The current structure of governance in the Universal Health Group

Accordingly, Rhea Rangit will be responsible for the overall audit process. That is, she will be responsible for overseeing the implementation process. On the other hand, Security Director George Stayontopothis and Senior Manager Security Bea Safe should be responsible for Windows Defender ATP, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Automated Information Portal. Also, Hugh Duitt, Bill Shredder, Chip Pentz, and Lisa Server will be responsible for Exchange Online, Data Loss Prevention, InTune, and SSPR. Finally, Emma Chizzet and Lotta Hassel will be responsible for the rest of the components of the program roadmap as they are seemingly elements of applications.

When considering the critical nature of the IT improvement and update, the frequency of the meeting should ensure the quality and quantity of the process (Moore, 2018). Therefore, the committee should gather each Monday and Friday during the implementation process. During Mondays, the team should evaluate the ongoing improvements while they need to concentrate on the weekly-implemented process on Fridays. As can be seen above, each component is assigned to the related-department authorities regarding their field of IT. In this sense, specific groups should approve of their related improvements. For example, the Application Management team does not have any approval right on the security-related process; however, a collective discussion is required for the greater good of the program roadmap. After all, each field of IT (e.g., security, applications) should provide weekly reports to the ongoing implementation and improvement process. More specifically, these reports include the synopsis, evaluation, opportunity, risk analysis, and probable outcomes of each implementation. These reports will eventually decrease the level of the obscurity of the whole process.

Program Roadmap Example: Conclusion

As a result, the assignment has presented insights into the program roadmap, benefits management, and governance for the Universal Health Group. Accordingly, a few program components have been recommended, and the overall workflow of the improvement program has been presented. After all, although the components seem to belong to different fields of IT Management, one can yet stress the importance of a collective approach to the whole implementation process when considered the obsolete nature of the current IT system of Universal Health Group.


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