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Elevating students and professionals through expertly crafted educational writing guides.

Guiding Professionals

We started in 2019, with a small team of one developer and one editor. Now we are an experienced, expert, and international team with 6 in-house content editors, 2 website developers and 17 freelance writers from all around the world. 

Through Writing Guides

Our team of writers guides professionals and students on their journey to become better writers with our visual and interactive writing content guides and videos. 

Tamara Research is owned by Tamara Research LLC, based in Delaware, United States. 

5 Min. Guide to Essay Conclusion (Steps & Examples)

5 Minute Guide to Thesis Statements (Steps & Examples)

How to Write Transition Sentences & Words (4 Min. Guide)

5 Min. Guide to Research Paper Conclusion (Interactive Examples)

4 Min. Guide to Topic Sentences (Interactive Examples)

5-Min. Guide to Paragraph Writing (Interactive Examples)


Interactive Video Guides

Welcome to our YouTube page dedicated to providing you with interactive writing guides on any type of writing! Whether you are looking to improve your essay writing skills, learn how to write a compelling story or screenplay, or even develop your technical writing abilities, we have got you covered.

Our team of experienced writers and editors are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you and helping you succeed in your writing journey. From brainstorming to editing and everything in between, we provide step-by-step guides and tips to help you produce high-quality writing that will impress your readers and achieve your goals.

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