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Emma Lee

Differences between US and UK English

Your English style should always be consistent throughout the process of writing your research paper, essay, or dissertation. Even though there are more than 160 different English dialects worldwide, American English and British English are known as the most commonly used styles.

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Deniz Akcaoglu

Active and passive voice in writing

Active voice and passive voice define how an action is told. While the subject is doing the action in active voice, the person or thing that receives the action comes before the verb in passive voice. You should use the correct verb tense to create a passive voice.

Ibrahim Akturk

First-person pronouns in academic writing

There are many different perspectives on using first-person pronouns (I, we, our, etc.) in academic writing among various disciplines. While many experts advise using first-person pronouns even in fields of science, there is no consensus.

Ibrahim Akturk

Common phrasal verbs in writing

The two lists below show commonly used phrasal verbs in academic writing and their one-word synonyms. Although it is academically acceptable to use phrasal verbs, you might want to switch them to their one-word synonyms to make your writing diverse and more professional. 

Ibrahim Akturk

Tense selection in academic writing

Every type of an academic paper (essays, theses, and dissertations) might require you to choose different tenses. This article will show you the different tense selections in different parts of an academic paper.

Tamara Team

Transition words and sentences

Your priority as a writer should be presenting your ideas as clearly as possible. It is essential to create a grammatical flow so that your readers can grasp your different ideas without getting lost in various arguments.

Ibrahim Akturk

Taboo words in academic writing

Informal writing is not acceptable when it comes to many types of academic writing, which demand a well-structured, clear, and formal language. .

Barry Liarsson

Capitalization in titles and headings

When capitalizing titles and section headings, you need to know the two standard styles: Title case and sentence case, which can also be combined.

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Ibrahim Akturk

How to write effective headings

Headings are essential parts of your paper to help navigate your reader locate specific parts of your essay or research paper by dividing information quickly. They are tools that make your paper more eye-catching and inviting, which is why it is vital to use them effectively.

Ibrahim Akturk

Choosing good titles in academic writing

The title of your paper is the first thing your readers notice, and their first judgments are shaped by your title. Therefore, you have to think thoroughly, as it has the power to create a good first impression. There are three essential rules you have to follow when choosing a good title.