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The concert that I attended online is the International Chamber Music Festival, and the performers are Janine Jansen, Boris Brovtsyn, Amihai Grosz, Gareth Lubbe, Jens Peter Maintz, and Torleif Therdeen.
Hook: This sentence doesn’t include the main focus, but introduces the main topic of your concert report.
The performance took place in Utrecht, Netherlands. The date of the performance was 30th December 2019. Background: You give more details about the concert. Where did it take place? When was it? Specifically, I attended a classical music performance, and this paper is analyzing the emotional reactions that I felt during the performance. Signposting/Thesis statement: As the last sentence of your introduction, you state your direction. For this example, we’re analyzing the “emotional reactions.”

Body Paragraphs

Firstly, I believe that classical music performances are more emotional and more passionate than crowded non-classical concerts . Topic sentence: With the first sentence of your paragraph, you state the topic. So here, your topic is a comparison. Also, during classical music performances, the audience becomes silent as much as they can be because the nature of classical music demands silence in the concert .Further detail: Here you see the further details into your claim, you expand on your topic sentence. Secondly, I love watching and listening to classical music concerts because the professional performers show their skills and their passions during the performance, and also every composer has its own personality and its own narrative that is showing to the audience by performers.Concluding sentence of your paragraph: Here you give further detail and expand more into why you love classical music concerts.

The concert that I attended was focusing on playing Johannes Brahms’- The String Sextet No.1 in B major, Op 18, and composition played by two violins, two violas, and two cellos.Topic sentence: This sentence, once again, gives the topic of your new paragraph. Also, I noticed that performers were passionate about the composition, and specifically, they were connected with the music that audience was able to see in their faces because they were professional artists who dedicated their lives to the classical music. In other words, the performer’s connection with the music was easily seen in their faces, and they were sharing their passion for the audience in their performance, and nobody missed a note.

Johannes Brahms composed The String Sextet in 1860, and the sextet has four movements: Allegro ma non-troppo, Andante, ma moderato, in D minor, Scherzo: Allegro molto in F major and, ¾ with a central Animato trio section, Rondo: Poco allegretto e grazioso. Topic sentence: This sentence, once again, gives the topic of your new paragraph. In the Strings Sextet, there are familiar sounds that I heard before in the movies or tv shows. Also, the composition reminds audience passion about love because every instrument in the composition is following the same narrative, but their sounds, and feelings are different. For example, cellos reminded me of the lover who tries to be together with the one it loves, and the violas like the external environment that hosts the lovers. Violin solo’s in the composition reminds the audience the emotional distance and sorrowing that reflects from the lovers.

More specifically, the narrative of the composition is love, and during the performance, the narrative turns into a passionate love that the audience can feel, and understand because the nature of love has its own passions and sorrows. Topic sentence: This sentence, once again, gives the topic of your new paragraph. Also, the composition’s narrative is an essential perspective for understanding the piece. Therefore, in this case, the young Brahms struggled with string quartets (which he destroyed) and likely sought the novelty of the string sextet to explore a green field away from any daunting comparisons with Beethoven (“String Sextet,” 2020). However, there are not specific love stories about Brahms, and all the information about this composition is Brahms intelligence and passion for music.

The two things that I enjoyed the concert is the performers who were passionate about the composition, especially Janine Jansen is a valuable artist of the 21st century. Topic sentence: This sentence, once again, gives the topic of your new paragraph. Janine’s performance during the Strings Sextet makes the composition more passionate because she is a talented artist, and in her performances, there are specific moves and gestures that she is doing during the performance. Therefore, while I was watching and listening to the performance, Janine’s remark made the performance more enjoyable.

Secondly, I enjoyed hearing familiar sounds from the movies or tv shows because until I discovered the composition, I was aware of its popularity, and movies usually use a specific part from the composition that audience does not know for sure, which composition is played in the movie. Topic sentence: This sentence, once again, gives the topic of your new paragraph. After watching the String Sextet performance, if I hear this composition in a movie or tv show, I will be familiar with the composition and I will remember the emotions that I felt during the performance. During the performance, I felt different emotions such as love, passion, envy, jealousy or despair. Specifically, slow parts were reflecting the despair in the composition because against love individuals become vulnerable to their emotions that create despair. Also, fast parts in the composition were reflecting the passion of love because even in the most desperate moments, individuals find the strength and the passion for taking action for their love ones. In other words, the performance was reflecting a love story that includes good and bad emotions because of the nature of love and one can infer that love creates passion but this passion can easily turn into jealousy that leads to specific emotion like despair.

Conclusion paragraph

To sum up, I loved the performance because performers were connected to the music that the audience was feeling the emotions of the narrative. Summary: You sum up your whole direction in the paper with a sentence. Also, performers provided a very good performance that I will remember if I hear this composition in a movie or tv show. Therefore, in my opinion, all of the performers were talented and qualified for playing the composition. More specifically, the artist’s remarks of the composition reflected the spirit of classical music because they are analyzing the composition before playing it. Main points: You rephrase your main points in the article by summarizing all in one. Their practice and analyzed information about the composition make the piece more valuable and emotional when they perform in front of the audience. Implication/Concluding sentence: As the last sentence of your conclusion, you state your final and most important implication and end your article. This sentence should better be remarkable so that reader has a “cool” final sentence.


String Sextet No. 1 in B-flat major, Op. 18.

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