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Pipeline Play Review: Introduction

Pipeline play was written by Dominique Morisseau. The play discusses some certain issues about the United States education system, and it reveals the inequalities of the system. Opening sentence: In the first sentence, the writer gives information about the play. That is, students with different ethnicities face discrimination, especially in educational institutions.Background: Explain the main focus of the play.In this direction, this paper focuses on answering questions that are related to Pipeline play. Also, it also aims to reflect the play within the given answers.Thesis statement: Present the main purpose behind this review and explain your goals.

Questions and Answers

Describe the central conflict of the production as you understood it. Give specific examples to support your conclusions.

The central conflict of the play focuses on two main characters, Omari and Nya. In this sense, Omari is an angry teenager who is having problems in school. More specifically, he hits his teachers. Topic sentence: Briefly explain the part of the play you will talk about in the paragraph so the readers have a context.Hypothetically, his problems create the central conflict of the play because he is about to face punishments. Meanwhile, his mother Nya also worries for him. She is a divorced mother who is trying to live merely with her son by teaching English in another school. Nya is trying to protect her son, but there is a viral video of Omari hitting his teacher.Detail: Talk about more in-depth characters of the play to enlarge your reasoning.Still, Nya finds it challenging to understand her son’s problems as Omari does not accept her mother’s help, and he chooses not to get any assistance from his mother. Eventually, one can infer that Omari’s relationship with his mother Nya and other people create the central conflict of the play.Concluding sentence: After explaining the important points in the play, reveal your final answer to the question by giving an example.

In examining the work of costume designer, choose at least two costumes and describe them in detail. What information could you gain from the designs? How effective were the costume design choices in supporting the production, characters, time period etc. Give specific examples to support your conclusions.

Xavier’s, Nya’s, and Omari’s costumes have been meticulously analyzed as they are reflecting socio-economic imbalances of a family. Topic sentence: Starting with a detail in the play that will be the central point of your paragraph. More specifically, Xavier wears a navy-blue suit, brown shoes. He is looking sharp, classy and clean. Omari is wearing a dark green school uniform with a white shirt, and the uniform includes the school logo near to his chest. However, after school, he is wearing a light brown hoodie that includes back print. Nya is wearing a blue jean, blue shirt, and a dark green cardigan. She has brown earrings, and she is wearing brown boots. Costume designs are good choices for the production because they seem adequate and detailed enough for the play. Also, costume designs reflect the characters’ socio-economic conditions. For instance, Xavier wears a suit which indicates that he has a higher income than Nya. Also, Nya prefers basic clothes rather than expensive ones. After all, one can argue that costume designs are highly effective, and they support production.

Examining the work of lighting designer, evaluate the effectiveness of the design choices made in the production. Choose at least two moments and describe how the lighting design worked to support those moments? What information could you gain from the lighting design choices made? If something did or did not work, why or why not? Give specific examples to support your conclusion.

The lighting design was used effectively in production, and they seemed to be quite adequate for such a production.Topic Sentence: Start your answer with a comment and a review of the correspondent aspect of the play. Also, the stage was not lighted by loose light, and they were effective as well. The first moment I chose is the night Omari confronts her mother after the video released to the internet. More specifically, at that moment, stage light was loose because it was a late night, and the lights at their house were mostly off. Therefore, one can argue that the lighting choice was proper at that moment because Omari and his mother were about to confront each other, and loose light made the scene more sensible.

Another moment is the hospital corridor after Nya had a panic attack and went to the hospital. In this scene, the light was light white, and it reflected the soul of hospitals; the aura of such places. In both scenes, lighting design supported the scenes in an effective manner. After all, one can claim that the lighting choice worked well and supported the production.

Examining the director’s work, what specific elements of staging within the production stick in your mind and what made them memorable? How did the director use the actor’s, their movements (blocking), and the space to help tell the story?

During the production, the director made use of the open spaces in an effective manner. There was minimum use of furniture on the stage, and safe space helped actors play more relaxed.Topic Sentence: After commenting on the question, state your reasoning so the reader understand why you think that. The minimum use of specific elements made the production more memorable, and elements such as a blackboard and a desk can readily stick to any viewer’s mind. Actors were walking freely to the audience, and sometimes they were sitting on the furniture. In other words, they also used the space effectively to tell the storyline. Eventually, one can claim that space was quite adequate for storytelling.

Describe in specific detail, the final moments of the play in terms of actual events as they viewed on stage. How did the final moments relate to the central conflict? Was the central conflict resolved? İf so, or not how did you reach your conclusion? Give specific examples to support your conclusions.

In the final moments of the play, Nya and Omari found a solution for their communication problems as he goes to her mother and gives her instructions for solving his problems.Topic Sentence: Since this question wants detail, starting with a critical point in the play shows you that you paid attention to it. In this sense, the central conflict of the play was solved because the problem was their relationship. Also, Nya’s panic attack affected Omari’s decision to improve his relationship with his mother because his father, Xavier, had already abandoned him. That is, Omari worried for her mother. Eventually, final moments of the play were related to the central conflict, and the main characters managed to solve it.

What reasons can give why the University of Illinois Department of Theatre might choose to produce this production. Support your conclusion with specific examples.

Firstly, Pipeline play addresses important social problems, and individuals should gain awareness about these social problems because they affect the majority of society. Secondly, Pipeline play can be produced with a low budget because costumes and stage elements can be easily found in the University.

What do you feel this production communicated (theme or message) to the audience? Support your conclusion with specific examples?

Pipeline play brings attention to important social problems.Topic Sentence: Choose the most important message of the play and briefly explain it to create your topic sentence for this question. More specifically, it points out the unequal education system that punishes black individuals more than white ones. Also, the play points out while privileged students. It also shows the differences between privileged and unprivileged students. Also, some teachers see white individuals more superior than black individuals. In this sense, another message of the play is about teachers who abuse their job ethics in terms of equality and discrimination. For example, one of the teachers, Laurie clearly says that she is in war with troubled students. In this sense, the Pipeline play is reflecting the problems of the education system.


The deep conversations between characters appealed to me because they were discussing significant problems that still exist in today’s world.Main argument: Start the conclusion paragraph with your central argument and comment on the play. Also, the actors’ performance was enjoyable as they embraced their characters, and their performance was quite good. Addressing the characters: Don’t forget to evaluate the characters and actors in the play.After all, the whole production was proper, and the play concentrated mainly on social problems that should be solved for the greater good of society. Concluding sentence: Finish your paper with an overall comment on the play and state your main ideas about it.

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