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Tesla is an American clean energy and vehicle production company. Hook: Start by defining the company you will analyze, let the readers know about it. It was founded in 2003, and the current Owner is Elon Musk, with a 21.7% stakeholder share since 2008. It specializes in battery energy storage and has SolarCity under it for solar panel and roof tile manufacturing. Context: Give some background information about the company and talk about their focus field to create a context. In this paper, I will analyze Tesla’s stakeholder profile and answer the given questions in the appendix. Thesis Statement: State the purpose of your paper and explain what you will focus on.

Body Paragraphs

Apart from its current CEO Elon Musk, the company’s biggest shares belong to Baillie Gifford & Co. and Capital Research and Management Co. For this assignment, I have chosen these two stakeholders to answer the questions.Topic Sentence: State the central argument and subject of this paragraph, explain what you will discuss.Firstly, Baillie Gifford is an investment company founded in 1908. It is based in the UK, and the whole firm consists of 44 partners. Numerically, the company has assets that are worth more than $250 billion. Meanwhile, Capital Research and Management Co. is a financial services company that was founded in 1931, with 7,500 employees and $2 trillion worth of assets. Introducing stakeholders: Since this is a stakeholder analysis, you need to introduce and explain the stakeholders you will talk about in your paper. The main goal of Baillie Gifford was to make long-term investments in companies that are at an early stage of development while also having significant growth. The company’s partner Stuart Dunbar said in 2019 that they do not care about the market, as they only care about the companies they have invested in. Concluding sentence: End you paragraph with a sentence that is striking to the reader and informative about the stakeholders.

This shows why they had hidden their stock numbers until late 2019. Their main goal is to stay hidden and increase their money. Topic sentence: The first sentence of the paragraph always explains what you will focus on in the paragraph. Capital Research and Management Co. is not much different. The only difference they have between them and Baillie Gifford is that they did not hide their stock numbers. The company’s main aim is to invest in a growing company with potential, to earn in the long-run. Both of these companies helped Tesla a massive amount through the economic crisis of the company, and if I were to list them in terms of importance. I would say that Baillie Gifford is more important than CRM as their sole purpose was to support the company. Their goal is to create a win-win scenario for both them and Tesla.

One of the most distinct features to improve performance in Tesla is the lack of importance the hierarchical structure has. Topic sentence: Again, the first sentence of the paragraph shows the centrail point of the paragraph. It will get detailed in the following sentences. According to the company, enforcing a chain of command communication is a great way to get fired. The other motivational practice is that the company does not have barriers between workers in terms of communication. In a typical company, one could see that in order for a worker to communicate with someone who is in a higher place than them, they would have to talk with a middle man.

However, in Tesla, workers have the full freedom to talk to the person they need directly, without the need for creating a communication chain. Topic sentence: Once again, the topic sentence of the paragraph shows the centrail point of the paragraph. It will get detailed in the following sentences. I have chosen these practices for only one reason. It is the importance of correct coordination and communication. Both of these practices benefit the workers, as well as the company. While removal of the hierarchy gives workers more confidence, being able to talk to superiors directly lets them know that they have a significant place in the company.


In conclusion, Tesla is a different company both for its distinct and modern working practices and for its success in the market. Summary: Briefly explain and summarize the company, this will help the reader understand why you chose that specific company. Although they have been having problems in the last years, with the right number of investors and trust, the company has recovered pretty fast and now going in the right direction. Final evaluation: Present your final argument and evaluation of the company. This should be the last sentence of your analysis.

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