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Wotan’s daughter Brünnhilde is sentenced to eternal sleep, and only one person who is brave enough to go through flames can wake her up. Hook: A striking sentence to start your paper that will attract your reader instantly. Siegfried kills the giant Fafner and takes the ring from him. After Siegfried takes the ring, he goes to save Brünnhilde. Siegfried goes through flames, and he wakes Brünnhilde due to his bravery. According to Brünnhilde, Siegfried is a hero. This is the short background story of Der Ring des Nibelungen: Seigfried opera. Background: Briefly explain and define the work you will summarize so the reader have something to think of. The composer is Richard Wagner, who was born in Germany on 22 May 1813. He was interested in art and theater when he was still a young boy. In addition, his siblings were interested in art, either. Richard Wagner wrote his first opera when he was fifteen.Introducing the artist: Make sure to mention the artist of the work and give a brief information about their life. Even then, he was considerably passionate about music, theater, and opera, and he wrote very successful Operas. He became a widely respected composer, among others. Unfortunately, he died in Italy on 13 February 1883 as a result of a heart attack.Artist’s importance: After mentioning the artist, make sure to imply their importance and success on their respective field.

Body Paragraphs

Der Ring des Nibelungen opera consists of four chapters, and the original composition is eighteen hours long. The opera is inspired by Nordic myths. Topic sentence: Start your body paragraph with a sentence that implies the main argument of the paragraph. Therefore, there are extraordinary characters depicted in the opera, such as gods, goddesses, giants, dwarfs, and dragons. Also, Richard Wagner is one of the well-argued artists in the 20th century because of his ideas about pure race. Richard Wagner mentioned a pure race idea in his last opera Parsifal. Deduction: Use your topic sentence and deduct something from it to evaluate the artist and explain their work. Besides, he is well known for his romantic operas. Richard Wagner wrote nine other operas except for Der Ring des Nibelungen. These operas are Die Feen, Das Liebesverbot, Rienzi, Der Fliegende Holländer, Tannhäuser, Löhengrin, Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, and Parsifal. Further detail: Mention the other works of the composer to give reference to the reader.

Der Ring des Nibelungen was first played in an opera building in Bayreuth, Germany. The opera was successful. Topic sentence: Again, this sentence explains the main argument of your paragraph and helps the reader gather their thoughts before reading the whole paragraph. In Der Ring des Nibelungen opera had not carried a political statement, but a social comment. That is, destiny has more power than God will. Also, love is promoted in the opera as a social statement because, basically, the story was built on love. Moreover, everything in the depicted storyline happened because of love. Accordingly, characters also suffered from love.

The first song that I selected from the opera is Siegfried part 7, and the duet is between Siegfried and Brünnhilde. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence explains the main argument of your paragraph and helps the reader gather their thoughts before reading the whole paragraph. The song is about Brünnhilde’s fears to unite with Siegfried. She wants to return to sleep, and Siegfried does not let her sleep. And they are expressing their love to each other in the song because they belong to each other. The song fits the story because Siegfried walks through fire for Brünnhilde. Siegfried risks his life to wake Brünnhilde. They are in love. Siegfried asks Brünnhilde to belong to him. According to the opera, Brünnhilde always belonged to Siegfried’s because Brünnhilde was destined to sleep, and Siegfried was destined to wake her up. Even if she resists to Siegfried, she becomes his destiny after all.

The second song that I selected from the opera is Siegfried part 1, and the duet is between Wanderer (Wotan) and Erda. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence explains the main argument of your paragraph and helps the reader gather their thoughts before reading the whole paragraph. The song is about an omniscient woman, Erda. She is a goddess who has been sleeping for a very long time. Wanderer sings to wake her up. Wanderer wants to ask questions to Erda. He is curious about God’s will because he knows that Erda’s words have influenced Wotan a lot. Erda is the goddess of earth, and she sleeps eternally. In this sense, the song fits the story because while they are talking to each other, Erda mentions Brünnhilde’s suffering from sleep. Erda’s sleep is wise, but Brünnhilde’s sleep is a punishment that was given by Wotan. Therefore, she needs to wake up, and Erda needs to sleep.

I enjoyed the opera. It was epic, and the story is bound by destiny. Erda’s omniscient talks were considered successful. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence explains the main argument of your paragraph and helps the reader gather their thoughts before reading the whole paragraph. The orchestra and actors were breathtaking. Siegfried’s and Brünnhilde’s songs were emotional. They were each other’s destiny. The story of Siegfried and Brünnhilde seemed familiar to the “Sleeping Beauty” movie because both stories are about kissing the princes and waking her up (“Sleeping Beauty,” n.p.). Also, Nibelungen’s ring is similar to Lord of the Rings because both stories are about the ring’s powers, and the ring rules everyone (Walsh, Fran et al. n.p.). Both stories end when the ring is destroyed. Besides, both stories have extraordinary characters, such as dwarfs and giants. Moreover, the story of Siegfried reminded me of personal experience of love.


To sum up, destiny in Der Ring des Nibelungen has overcome love because Alberich’s curse has come true. Summary:Always start your conclusion by stating the main idea or summarizing the main point of the work you are analyzing.I watched the four chapters of the Der Ring des Nibelungen, and Siegfried dies because he owns the ring. A wise man like Wotan listens to Erda’s words and gives up the ring.However, the young man cares about glory and adventures; that is why he does not notice the ring’s curse. Mentioning the opera:Address the characters in the work to relate your conclusions logically and help the reader understand better. Richard Wagner wrote these epic operas in the 1870s, but many years later, people were inspired by his opera, and they wrote similar stories. Richard Wagner is a very successful composer.Concluding sentence: Acknowledge the success of the composer, mention and credit them in your concluding sentence.


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