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Virgil wrote The Aeneid in 19 BC. The central theme of Aeneid is Aeneas’ fate to go to Italy and start a civilization there. Hook:Always start your essay by introducing the epic in your hook sentence. Aeneas faces many difficulties to achieve his fate. More specifically, Aeneas leaves his country and travel to many countries in order to achieve his fate. In this direction, he faces battles and wars just for achieving his fate because everyone around Aeneas forces him so.Further detail:Continue by elaborating on the story and giving more details about it to the reader. “Wherever Fate may lead us, whether on Or backward, let us follow. Whatsoever Occurs, all fortune must be overcome By endurance” (“Sparknotes,” 2020).Source: Don’t just include your words, quote from the original story to help the reader relate your essay to the work you are summarizing. These lines are telling why Aeneas should continue his journey because it is the fate that brought Aeneas so far. Also, he has enemies who do not want to see Aeneas achieve his fate. Juno is a goddess, and she does not want to see Aeneas achieving his fate because Aeneas will kill the people that Juno loves. She tries to trick Aeneas many times, and she tries to break Aeneas’ perseverance to continue his journey to Italy. Therefore, Juno brings obstacles to Aeneas path, but she cannot prevent Aeneas from arriving in Italy. Interpretation: Detailly explain the quote you choose and interpret it before you continue with your body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

The main purpose of having a fate is that Aeneas will arrive in Italy no matter how many obstacles he faces because he is destined to arrive there.Topic sentence:This sentence is where you need to briefly mention the main focuse of the body paragraph.“Soon as the fury ceased, And the wild lips were still, Aeneas spoke:— “None of these trials comes, O virgin seer, With new and unexpected face to me. All was foreseen and pondered in my mind” (“Sparknotes,” 2020). Reference:Since this is a summary, it is crucial to refer the reader to the original text. Aeneas believes his fate no matter what happens. Therefore, he continues his journey to Italy. Also, fate drives Juno angry.Commentary: Remember that this is your summary, so you need to include your own comments and interpretation.

Arguably, Juno’s anger and her actions maybe were in Aeneas’ fate too because the obstacles make him stronger against his enemies.Topic sentence:Again, this sentence is where you need to briefly mention the main focuse of the body paragraph. Also, another character that is driven by fate is Venus, Aeneas’s mother. Venus forces Aeneas to go on his journey to Italy because she knows her son’s fate, and Venus’s fate is to force Aeneas to Italy. After all, Aeneas arrives in Italy, but he has to face battles and wars for achieving his fate. He wins those battles and the war. He achieves his fate and builds a civilization in Italy.

Individuals from different cultures and countries have written poetry for centuries. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence is where you need to briefly mention the main focuse of the body paragraph. Commonly, poems are written to express feelings, describe emotions, and tell narratives about events that affected societies. In other words, poems were written for centuries by intellectual individuals. Also, poems do not require specific qualifications to be written. Egyptian love-poems was a great example of this thesis because Egyptian love-poems were written into tombs to show respect to the loved ones who had passed away from this world. Also, The Epic of Gilgamesh was written into stones. Therefore, poems can be written on everything possible.

Another central significance of poetry is that all individuals in society can read poems because they include simple language that can be understood by anyone. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence is where you need to briefly mention the main focuse of the body paragraph. The Egyptian love-poems include symbols and artistic images because they are designed to be simple and understandable for everyone in Egypt. Also, the majority of Egyptian society wrote poems and read others’ poems because they were necessary for Egyptians. Therefore, poetry became a significant movement in Egyptian society. Eventually, the paramount significance of Egyptian love poems are poems reflected Egyptian culture, society, and traditions, and specifically, Egyptian love-poems were created basically for poetry.

Another way of using poetry is to tell epic stories about great heroes. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence is where you need to briefly mention the main focuse of the body paragraph. The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Aeneid is an excellent example of this thesis because both epic poems included narratives about their great heroes and their journeys. More specifically, The Epic of Gilgamesh was written by Sumerian culture, and it included great Sumerian hero Gilgamesh’s journeys to becoming a famous king and hero. Also, The Epic of Gilgamesh included cultural images and traditions. For example, king Gilgamesh asks protection from the gods and goddess when he goes to fight with a beast. More specifically, The Epic of Gilgamesh reflected Sumerian religion because their gods and goddess were different from the Romans and The Egyptians.

The Aeneid included cultural images and traditions. Topic sentence: Once again, this sentence is where you need to briefly mention the main focuse of the body paragraph. Also, The Aeneid is carrying a historical significance for Romans because it associates real people that ruled in Italy. More specifically, Aeneas is associated with Augustus, and one of them is considered as the founder of Italy. The other one is considered as the co-founder of a great empire. Also, The Aeneid included Roman gods and goddesses who helped Aeneas achieve his fate. Eventually, The Aeneid poem included a lot of artistic images and traditions about Roman culture.


The poems are written to express emotions, reflect feelings and tell narratives about the heroes or great heroes of cultures. One can infer that different cultures and countries wrote poems about their society, culture and traditions. Summary: Summarize the main points you made in your essay, this should sum up your own comments. Therefore, poems carry a historical significance for cultures and countries because they reflect their society. Egyptian love poems included cultural images and tradition. Therefore, their culture and traditions are passed on to other generations, and they are kept alive. Examples: Detail your comments and give examples of it, this sentence should be tied to your next sentence where you need to be specific. The Sumerians wrote the Epic of Gilgamesh and their culture knew their great hero, and the king Gilgamesh’s journeys and accomplishments. Virgil wrote The Aeneid and the poem included cultural images about Roman culture. Reference to the subject:After you explain the topic generally, specify your subject to remind the reader in the conclusion. Eventually, poems allow cultures to pass their heritage to other generations. Restatement:Your final sentence should always briefly wrap up your deductions on the subject, so restate your main argument.

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