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Las Meninas Analysis: Introduction

Formal analysis of artworks includes visual elements that the viewer can see when they look at the artwork. More specifically, the formal analysis focuses on the thing that viewers can embrace. Hook: This sentence is used to draw the attention of the reader, you can use a fact or an example. These visual elements are form, line, colour, light, tone, texture, pattern, scale, pictorial space, composition, and scale. Also, some of these variables are related to the principles of design. The main focus of the principles of design is to create something that is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.Background: Give more information about the subject and the main focus.However, the main focus for the formal analysis of an artwork is to analyze the visual elements that we see in the artwork without telling what the artist would aim by using figures and motives. In other words, formal analysis is expressing how visual elements in the artwork have been used.Detail: Explain the little nuances that make a difference to help your reader understand the issue better.Therefore, in this paper, formal analysis is focusing on examining the Las Meninas painting that has done by Diego Velázquez in 1656. Also, Las Meninas (Maids of Honor) is describing the Spanish royal family. In this sense, Diego Velázquez was the leading artist of the Spanish Golden Age. In the Las Meninas, its complex and enigmatic composition raises questions about reality and illusion and creates an uncertain relationship between the viewer and the figures depicted.Core of the analysis: Dive deeper into your paper and give more information specific to your own analysis. Because of these complexities, Las Meninas has been one of the most widely analyzed works in Western painting (“Las Meninas,” 2020). The importance of Las Meninas is coming from its complex nature.Thesis statement: Explain the main argument of your analysis.

Body Paragraphs

In the Las Meninas, we see several figures in the painting, and these figures are royal family, the princes of Spain, her maid, two dwarfs, a man, painter Diego, and a dog. Topic Sentence: This sentence explains the central argument of this paragraph by giving some information about the specific subject. Las Meninas is a three-dimensional painting, and it has centred three figures with different perspectives such as princes, and her maids are directly looking at the viewer.Definition: Explain the work in the first paragraph to get the reader familiar to the work.

Also, the king and queen are looking at the viewer as well, and their figure is placed on a mirror so that viewer sees the reflection of the king and queen in the mirror. Topic sentence: This sentence once again explains the central argument of this paragraph by giving some information about the specific subject. The painting centres the princes, and a natural light reflect on the princes in the painting. Las Meninas foreground colours are dark, and the man stands in the foreground. The stairs and the door represent the depth in the painting. Also, Diego is painting, and there are discussions that exist on his figure because nobody really knows that Diego was painting Las Meninas or the portrait of king and queen in the painting.

The main colours in the painting are white, brown, black, blue, and red. The paintings in the Las Meninas includes the tones of black, and the princess is wearing a white dress with red details on her chest and arms. Topic sentence: This sentence once again explains the central argument of this paragraph by giving some information about the specific subject. Also, red details exist on the princess’s maid and Diego’s chest with a red cross. More specifically, painting is getting darker in the foreground, and natural light fades away in the foreground of the painting. In other words, the natural light is coming to the princess to show the viewer the importance of the princess because she is the future of Spain. Therefore, the viewer sees the princes in the geometric centre of the canvas, brightly illuminated by the light from the window.

The painting’s three-dimensional perspective is accomplished by the line between the ceiling, and the wall converges to the open door, and it is creating the perception of the painting as physical space. Topic sentence: This sentence once again explains the central argument of this paragraph by giving some information about the specific subject. Also, another focal point is the line formed by the light fixtures leads to the centre of the back wall to the reflecting king and queen. Also, other figures in the foreground are used for accomplishing the contrast of the painting (“Velázquez’s Las Meninas,” 2020). The space use is accomplished by the perception of depth in the painting. In this sense, foreground figures both accomplish the contrast and space in the painting. Las Meninas is one of the more complex paintings in art history because the figures are discussing the reality and the illusion in the painting. Therefore, Las Meninas is one of the discussed paintings in art history.,

Concluding sentence: Finish your body part with a memorable sentence that acts as a binder with all the other paragraphs.


Formal analysis of Las Meninas painting included examining the figures, colours, lines, space, contrast, form, and line in the painting. Las Meninas is made in 1656 in Spain, and it represents the royal family. Overall info: Start the conclusion by giving some general information about the work you analyze and talk about the previous analysis. Also, in the painting, we see that Diego is painting canvas, but nobody knows for sure that what is Diego paints on a canvas. More specifically, Las Meninas is a three-dimensional painting that centers few figures in the painting, such as centre line, and natural light focuses on the princes, and other light focuses on the royal couple in the mirror. Summary: Restate some of the points you made in the analysis, but keep it short with only the most striking facts and comments you have. The space use is focusing on foreground figures that accomplish the contrast and space for center figures in the painting. Eventually, foreground colours are darker than center colours in the painting.Concluding sentence: Finish the conclusion with the most striking analysis or comment you have. This will help the reader remember your paper.


Las Meninas. (2020, June 6). Velázquez’s Las Meninas.

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