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Reflection Paper: I Support Abortion

Abortion Essay Example Introduction

Especially within the last century, abortion has become a popular topic among religious and modern communities. This reflective paper aims to highlight the importance of abortion rights. Although religious communities interpret birth in a different manner, no parent should grow a child that is not wanted. Also, women should have the right to decide what to do with their bodies regardless of the third party, procedure, or regulatory intervention.

Abortion Essay Body Paragraphs

Growing up children requires a great deal of attention and will (Bloomer et al., 2018). Sociologically, children should be grown up in a lovely and emotionally stable environment to become decent individuals for society (Bloomer et al., 2018). In this sense, one may readily highlight that forcing parents to have children by prohibiting abortion will eventually create unwanted individuals in society that had lacked the required love and attention during their childhood—furthermore, intervening with the women's decision regarding what to do with their body lead to legal implications (Medoff, 2010). In other words, women have every right to decide whether to continue with their birth process. Therefore, abortion should be legal across the world.

Psychologically, forcing individuals to a specific incident or action may result in negative consequences. In particular, even though the emergence of birth was accidental, forcing women to continue with the pregnancy may lead to psychological problems for women (Bloomer et al., 2018; Doran & Littrell, 2012). This series of events may be followed by anxiety, minor or major depression, and even suicide. In this sense, relevant authorities should not neglect the importance of an individual's sociology because abortion is a comprehensive topic that may have sociological and psychological results for society.

Abortion Essay Conclusion

After all, this paper presents a reflection on abortion. As mentioned above, forcing individuals to abortion may create a lot of problems for society and individuals. After all, Although religious communities interpret birth in a different manner, no parent should grow a child that is not wanted.


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