Essay topic ideas

If your essay or article does not have a clear subject, the first step is to brainstorm ideas and decide what you want to write about.

In the writing process, generating ideas is the least systematic and most innovative step. Now, let’s continue with the steps you can follow in order to find a topic for your academic essay.

Tips for choosing a topic

Choosing a topic for your essay is way more important. Without choosing and understanding the topic of your essay, you can’t write a catchy essay for the reader

Let’s continue with these essential questions before choosing the topic. 

Questions to ask before deciding on a topic

Thinking about these questions before you choose your essay topic helps you find the most appropriate one. These questions will also let you keep up with your essay instructions.

Essential steps of choosing an essay topic

Essay Types and Topic Examples

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays aim to convince. You are expected to state your opinion about a persuasive essay topic that you can justify or prove. It would help if you chose a controversial topic. 

Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay presents two sides of one topic with proven data and logic. There is no pressure to convince people and both sides are presented and explained by the authors. Argumentative essay topics should contain debatable facts.

Narrative Essay Topics

For narrative essays, feel free to write about anything you have experienced or felt in your life. There is no limit when you choose a narrative essay topic. 

Research Essay Topics

Research papers are based on academic sources and research. These essays present problems and show their reasons and effects. You should use reliable sources and share your opinion about the research essay topic.

Informative Essay Topics

You simply inform the reader about a topic with the support of academic sources in informative essays. You should stay away from personal remarks and comments. Informative essay topics should be objective and provable.

Definition Essay Topics

Definition essays aim to explain and define a term to their readers. These terms do not have to have strict definitions. Definition essay topics should be personal and controversial.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essays explain how an event is affected and affects others. In this perspective, you should find a cause and effect essay topic that affects something or emerged from a cause.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics and Ideas ​

Compare and contrast essays find differences and similarities between two or more things. There are a lot of compare and constrast essay topics as the concept is pretty standard in today’s world.

Research Paper Topics

A research paper is academic writing that provides detailed analysis, interpretation, and argument based on in-depth independent research. Research paper topics must be rational as you are expected to write your paper with the support of proper scholarly research.

Scholarship Essay Topics

A scholarship essay is an essay that carries important characteristics and experiences of students. Scholarship essay topics should include personal experiences, academic background, academic qualities, and personal characteristics.

Covid-19 Essay Topics

Environment, and Nature Essay Topics

Technology Essay Topics

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