How to write a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is a type of essay in which you take a stance and follow it up with facts throughout the paper. As you need to take a stance, the topic must be controversial.

In other words, imagine yourself as a lawyer prosecuting a case in front of a jury, you need to persuade them.

So now let’s continue now with the steps to how to write a great one.

Choose a topic

The first step is choosing an interesting topic for your essay. If you can stand for/against a topic, then it qualifies as a suitable topic. At this step,  don’t forget that the topic should be controversial. 

persuasive essay topic

Let’s quickly have a look at the topic examples below to have a better understanding: 

Persuasive essay topic examples

When choosing a persuasive essay topic:

These topic examples and tricks can inspire you in choosing a topic for your essay

For this how-to guide, we are choosing the topic: “Vaccinations should be mandatory for all children”. 

Prepare an outline

It’s time to start researching your topic. After your research, you need to prepare an outline.

essay outline structure

Outlining your essay will help you remember your point and how it progresses in a better way. It also will ease your writing process significantly, as it will be a guideline for you. Here, we detailed a proper outline with some tips.

Persuasive essay outline in detail

Title: Is Hunting Immoral?

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook sentence Start with a compelling statistic, a real-life story, or a question that highlights your topic.
    2. Opposing idea and your stance Introduce the opposing viewpoint, acknowledging concerns about hunting.
    3. Thesis statement Clearly state your position that hunting is immoral.

  2. Body paragraphs
    1. Opposing claim and refutation Address the arguments pro hunting and try refuting them.
    2. Persuasion to your view Present the benefits of your stance with examples.
    3. Refute the opposing view Counter the pro hunting reasoning

  3. Conclusion
    1. Restatement of thesis Summarize your main argument and restate your thesis statement.
    2. Wrap up main points Recap the key points from your essay, emphasizing why hunting is immoral and should be bannned
    3. Call to action Encourage your readers to take action against hunting.

Write an introduction

Your introduction paragraph is the first part of your persuasive essay. The contextual structure of your introduction should go from general to specific. 

Let’s have a look at the example below.

Persuasive essay introduction example

Persuasive essay on Hunting

Hunting has been a longstanding practice among humans, dating back to our early ancestors. Hook sentence While some argue that hunting is a necessary and natural part of human behavior, I firmly believe that it is immoral and should be banned. Opposing view and your stance Despite claims that hunting is a way to control animal populations or promote conservation, the reality is that it is a cruel and unnecessary practice that has no place in modern society. Thesis statement Your main stance and claim In this essay, I will cover that hunting is unnecessary, cruel, and disruptive to animal populations and ecosystems. Signposting Guide your reader on what you'll cover

Write the body paragraphs

Your body paragraphs should support your stance on the subject (ideally two-to-three paragraphs, but this could change according to the length of your essay), and you need to add a paragraph where you acknowledge and refute the opposing side’s argument.

Persuasive essay body paragraphs example

Body Paragraphs

Those who support hunting often argue that it is necessary to manage animal populations and prevent overpopulation. Opposing view: Those who support hunting However, there are many humane and effective methods of wildlife management, such as habitat restoration and sterilization programs, that do not involve killing animals. Your persuasion to otherwise Moreover, hunting can actually disrupt animal populations and ecosystems, leading to imbalances and negative consequences. You refuse the opposing view

Furthermore, hunting is simply cruel and unnecessary. You keep highlighting your stance Animals suffer greatly when hunted, often experiencing prolonged pain and fear before dying. This is particularly true when hunting is done for sport or recreation, rather than for subsistence. You keep refuting the opposing view by giving examples It is a moral imperative that we show compassion and respect towards all living creatures, and hunting is a clear violation of this principle. You give grounds for the refusal

Write a conclusion

A three-part conclusion framework can be used to successfully conclude persuasive essays. You should use this as your standard style if you’ve finished a piece of writing in this type and aren’t sure how to end it.

Persuasive essay conclusion example


In conclusion, hunting is an immoral practice that has no place in modern society. Restatement of your main point (thesis statement) It is unnecessary and cruel, and there are many alternative methods of wildlife management that are more humane and effective. Wrapping up key points As a society, we must prioritize compassion and respect for all living creatures, and take action to ban hunting and promote alternative forms of wildlife management. Call to action

Proofread your essay

So you finished your first draft. It’s now time to check the quality of your paper before handing it. 

The ideal way to revise an essay is to let it sit for a couple of days. This way, you will have let your brain have enough time to grasp the subject and therefore will see your common mistakes more clearly. During this process, make use of tools like Grammarly, especially when checking grammar and typo. 

How to Write a Persuasive Essay (Steps & Examples)

Ask these questions to yourself while revising your essay:

If your essay meets the standards above, then it’s ok. In any case, look at the below 5-paragraph persuasive essay example to see how a great one looks like. You can even align your essay to the given structure below. 

5-Paragraph Persuasive Essay Example

Turkey's Accession to the EU: Why It Could Be a Perfect Fit


Turkey has been an important country in Europe for centuries. With its unique cultural, historical, and geographical position, it has always been a bridge between the East and the West. Today, Turkey is a candidate for European Union (EU) membership, and there are many reasons why it could be a perfect member.Background information on Turkey's EU candidacy In this essay, I will argue that Turkey's membership in the EU could be beneficial for both parties, as it would strengthen the EU's political and economic power, promote peace and stability in the region, and enhance Turkey's democratic and human rights standards.Thesis statement on why Turkey could be a perfect EU member

Body paragraphs

First and foremost, Turkey's membership in the EU could enhance the union's political and economic power. Turkey is the world's 17th largest economy and has a young and dynamic population.Discussion of Turkey's current economic status and potential benefits for the EU Its membership would not only bring economic benefits to the EU but would also provide the union with a strategic ally in the Middle East. Turkey's membership could also increase the EU's influence in global politics.Analysis of Turkey's role as a strategic ally in the Middle East Turkey has an important role in NATO and is a key player in the fight against terrorism. Its membership would provide the EU with an additional source of soft power in its foreign relations.Examination of Turkey's role in global politics

Secondly, Turkey's membership in the EU could promote peace and stability in the region. Turkey has been a beacon of stability in the Middle East, hosting millions of refugees from Syria and Iraq.Analysis of Turkey's role in managing the migration crisis Its membership would enhance the EU's ability to manage the migration crisis and provide a safe haven for refugees. Turkey's accession would also provide a model of democracy and human rights for the countries in the region.Examination of Turkey's potential as a model of democracy The EU's soft power and economic assistance could support Turkey's democratization process, leading to a more stable and prosperous region.Discussion of the EU's soft power

Thirdly, Turkey's membership in the EU could enhance its democratic and human rights standards. The EU has a long history of promoting democracy and human rights, and its membership criteria are based on these values.Analysis of the EU's criteria for membership based on democracy Turkey's membership would provide an incentive for the country to continue its reforms and align its policies with the EU's standards.Discussion of Turkey's progress towards aligning with EU standards The EU's monitoring and assistance could support Turkey's progress towards a more democratic and free society, ensuring that the country respects the rule of law, human rights, and minority rights.Examination of the EU's monitoring and assistance


Consequently, Turkey's membership in the EU could bring benefits to both parties. The EU would gain an important strategic ally in the Middle East, enhance its economic and political power, promote peace and stability in the region, and support Turkey's democratization process. Turkey would benefit from the economic and political opportunities of EU membership, improve its human rights and democratic standards, and become a part of the European family.Summary of the main points of the essay It is important for both Turkey and the EU to continue their dialogue and cooperation towards a successful accession process.Call to action Turkey could be a perfect EU member, and its accession would strengthen the union and promote stability in the region. Restatement of thesis

Key takeaways

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to writing a compelling thesis statement for a persuasive essay?

In a persuasive essay, a great thesis statement should clearly state your main points and indicate your opinion on the subject. It should be specific, debatable, and tailored to your audience. Remember that the thesis statement is the backbone of your essay, so give it great thought.

How can I effectively address opposing viewpoints in my persuasive essay?

Acknowledge opposing viewpoints in your essay and use evidence and logical reasoning to refute them. This showcases your writing ability and reveals that you’ve given the subject careful thought. Remember to maintain a respectful and persuasive tone while refuting opposing arguments.

What role does evidence play in a persuasive essay, and how can I find reliable sources?

Evidence is crucial in persuading your audience. Make use of reliable statistics, illustrations, expert opinions, and real-life anecdotes. Use reputable newspapers, government websites, academic databases, and libraries to find trustworthy sources.  

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