Concert Reaction Paper: Tale of Us


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Concert Reaction Paper: Tale of Us

Concert Reaction: Introduction

There are many music genres in our age, especially with the emergence of technological devices such as computers and autotunes (Birgy, 2017). In this sense, one can claim the various electronic music genres, and techno is probably the most common of them. Accordingly, many producers and disk jockeys have emerged across the world, and Tale of Us is arguably among the best ones. Although many believe that techno and electronic music lack the lyrics and the sense of emotions, Tale of Us has managed to combine lyrical sentences with electronic music and triggered the sense of emotions: the emotional techno music, which is a relatively new trend and attracts millions of people.

Body Paragraphs

Traditional music tends to include lyrics rather than rhythmic repetitions in electronic music. For example, genres such as rock and country are highly dependent on the meaningful lyrics of the songs. Accordingly, people have associated themselves with lyrical music for centuries. Music concerts used to attract millions of rock, rap and country music fans across the world, and they like to karaoke the actual lyrics with the famous singer on the stages. Also, many believe that lyrics tend to trigger the emotions which are required for experiencing the emotional breakdown when listening to a quite cheerful or sad song.

The belief that merely lyrics can trigger a sense of emotional breakdown during a concert and a song has gradually changed in recent years. That is, the prevalence of rap, rock, and country music has faded step by step, and new genres supported by beats, rhythms, drops, and autotunes have attracted millions of people. These new genres also created subgenres which attract different segments of music lovers such as a progressive house, deep house, pure techno, dark techno, vocal house, etc. Subsequently, subgenres of those kinds include the so-called emotion-triggering lyrics which actually are widely used within techno music, and has resulted in the emergence of the emotional techno music by pioneers such as Tale of Us and Antenna, especially the song Love 66.

Generally, techno music events are quite crowded, and people do not tend to talk to each other a lot. Rather, they tend to dance and let themselves synchronize with the rhythm of the music while standing up to the disk jokey of the party. During the Tale of Us concert, things have changed. In other words, they transformed pure progressive techno into an emotional one with the mixture of different songs and drops they borrowed or created during their production. For instance, Love 66 is one of them. Although the song does not contain a single word, they remixed the quite emotional and techno rhythm with emotional lyrics right when the drops are performed. In this direction, one could readily realize that the audience liked it a lot. The mixture of techno rhythms with lyrical emotions and drops were literally awesome. There were people who were even crying and dancing at the same time.

Concert Reaction: Conclusion

In conclusion, one can readily highlight that there are now hundreds of music genres ranging from rap to any subtype of techno. With these developments, the so-called prejudice against techno and electronic music has gradually faded within many environments, and techno has now a subtype, called the emotional techno which is mixed with emotional drops, lyrics and progressive rhythms which tend to tell a love story or a break-up subconsciously. In this sense, after all, one can conclude that although many believe that techno and electronic music lack the lyrics and the sense of emotions, Tale of Us has managed to combine lyrical sentences with electronic music and triggered the sense of emotions: the emotional techno music, which is a quite new trend and attracts millions of people.


Birgy, P. (2017). French electronic music: The invention of a tradition. Popular Music in France from Chanson to Techno, 225-242.

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