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The Child of Ambition

Elon Musk Essay: Introduction

Movies that belong to historical biopic genre are compelling, epic, heartfelt ones that tell real stories. A good biopic is important because it is usually rendered from all stereotypes that another movie genre might have. It tells stories in an authentic way that real people can get inspired by. My movie that is regarding Elon Musk's lifelong tale is called "The Child of Ambition." It is an ardent piece that begins from Elon’s childhood and tells all aspects of his life until now.

Body Paragraphs

It starts with ten-year-old Elon going to school in South Africa, alongside his brother Kimbal. Age of 10 carries significance for Elon because that is the year their parents got divorced, and to cope with this family tragedy, he started to teach himself computer and programming. In various interviews, Elon Musk states that he has been bullied until he was fifteen. So the opening scene will take a closer look into his school life and his coy and bookish childhood personality. Elon and his brother walk into school. After splitting with Kimbal, some kids cut Elon's way, and he receives hurtful words and physical violence. The next act is at their home; neither of the parents is home. Both of Elon's parents worked hard, his mom was a model, and his dad was an engineer.

The movie will not go deeply into the dark details of the relationship between Elon and his father. Still, it will be shown that he is a short-tempered person who rarely shows affection. Parents being absent most of his childhood, Elon spent most of his days reading alone at his room until he started teaching himself programming. In the following scenes, Elon's focus shifts to programming at an accelerating rate, as his family falls apart in the background. His brother is always by his side during these years; his siblings are a big part of his support system. Fast forward to two years later, Elon's hard work pays off, and he invents his first software at the age of twelve. This accomplishment marks just the beginning of an epic journey filled with success. It is a game called Blastar, and it is his first solid achievement.

However, even though he can cope with his home's chaos through a computer, Elon's status at school does not improve a bit. He has few friends, but even they bow to bullies and turn against Elon. Movies go on with this scene; Elon's best friend, who knows his hiding spot, betrays him by luring him out of there, and he gets beat up by the bullies. This incident is one of his lowest points in the first act. After this incident, he partly abandons his nerdy and shy persona. Because inventing a game boosted his self-confidence, and as a child of ambition, he decides to fight back the bullies. He starts to seek ways to gain physical strength to fight back and masters Karate and Judo. By the time he is 15, Elon is a fully confident teenager that has high hopes regarding his future. It is shown in the scenes that he carries an admiration for the United States, and he wants to catch the 'American dream.' In 1992, Elon parts from his family and goes to Canada in order to study business at Queens University. He chooses Canada for two simple reasons; avoiding mandatory military service in South Africa and getting citizenship from the USA. I want to highlight that the movie's main focus is his inner ambition.

Throughout the movie, we see Elon getting through life by his ambition. He copes with his parents' divorce by learning to program. He fights with bullies by mastering martial arts. He wants to seize the American dream, so he works hard to go to Canada to reach it. When Elon wants something, he calculates the best way to get; then, he implements the plan. He is driven by ambition and an unstoppable will to create, and my movie aims to convey this ambition in an inspiring way. Even though during his years in Canada does not strike the audience as career-wise, these years will mark his life permanently. He meets with his first love, Justine Wilson, who is an aspiring writer. Elon steals Justine's heart by not taking no for an answer. The movie shows the common ground that united them: ambition and competition. Aside from his love life, it is clear at this point that Elon Musk is a conqueror. In addition to that, the next scenes that focus on his innovative business ideas will display that he is no ordinary entrepreneur. He is a visionary, an idealist. His main goal is never just money; it is just a tool to accomplish what he wants. He has a clear, futuristic vision for the earth that is environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Following his dreams, Elon moves to Silicon Valley, and scenes shortly show his life with his three friends at that old condo near Mountain View. His brother joins him, and together they establish Zip2, and the next scene is dedicated to their immense success. Even the New York Times recommends Zip2. Everything should be perfect; Justine is back at his life; he is not a broke college student with huge dreams, but a rich and aspiring entrepreneur. However, we see that Elon is not satisfied; he never is. This dissatisfaction is conveyed as inspiring and draining at the same time. Elon and Kimbal sell Zip2, which later becomes Paypal. This deal is the turning point, also the end of the first act.

The second act begins, and it is seen clearly that Elon is living glorious days. He is one of the top names of Silicon Valley. He and Justine are mesmerized by the luxurious lifestyle, and it all seems so polished. But the next scenes show the other side of the medallion. Elon and Justine lose their first baby to SIDS, and he buries them inside instead of openly grieving. Their marriage slowly falls apart under the busy work schedule. Elon's alpha male attitude that did wonders for him throughout his career makes it harder to work on their issues.

The next scenes demonstrate their messy divorce, and after that, the movie mainly focuses on his work. Elon launches Tesla; scenes show the infamous conflict with Martin Eberhard, moves onto Space X and how Elon manipulates stocks by signing a deal NASA and keeping his company afloat. Elon speaks out about his multi-planet vision and develops sustainable technology and energy innovation with his team. The climax of the movie begins with a flashback to Elon's childhood, when he invents his game, Blastar. The scene shows that game is about aliens coming to earth to attack the human race. The audience sees Elon's fascination with space and scene changes. We were in 2002, and Space X becomes the first private company ever to send a rocket to space. Elon looks at the sky, looking content, but his expression also shows that he is not done. Even though it is the end of the movie, it is not near the end of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Essay: Conclusion

After all, it is crucial to deliver biographic stories in the most real way. Society believes that there is something exceptional about successful people while this is true; it also creates a misconception that reaching success is easy for these people because they are unique. In contrast to that, I aimed to create a flawed Elon Musk who is bossy and does not always have the moral high ground. I did not want to create a perfect Elon Musk because he is not. I do not think he is special. I believe he is an aspiring inventor who can make the world a better place by using his mind but also working so hard. He is a man with passion and ideas and does not avoid the hard work it takes to carry those ideas out. When people accept that being successful at something is hard for everyone, it requires sacrifices, and even Elon Musk had to pick his battles; that is a genuinely inspiring biopic.

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