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Adaptation to the Infectious Disease Impacts of Climate Change

Essay on Infectious Diseases: Introduction

Infectious diseases pose a threat humanity for centuries. Especially in the 21st-century, infectious diseases are spreading much faster as a result of the climate change. However, adaptation assessment provides implementing policies, measures to avoid, and effective responses to infectious diseases. The main goal of the adaptation assessment is to identify options to reduce health risks attributable to climate change. Public health policies are based on controlling climate-sensitive infectious diseases by public health functions such as surveillance, outbreak investigation, and response. Surveillance is the way to notice these infectious diseases before spreading. In addition, surveillance includes systematically collecting data. These data are used for responding to control climate-sensitive infectious diseases. In this sense, environmental changes are observed with satellite imagery. Satellite data is critical for observing temperature, sea surface temperature, vegetation indices, precipitation, flora, and water quality because the changes in these factors can easily help to spread infectious diseases. Therefore, early warning systems are developed. Early warning systems can help in short-term controlling climate-sensitive infectious diseases. Eventually, some various factors and policies exist for controlling climate-sensitive infectious diseases. Ministry of health is developing these policies and the factors that can help prevent infectious diseases before spreading.

Body Paragraphs

According to the article climate-sensitive, infectious disease reasons are given explicitly. Adaptation assessment main steps are essential for controlling the climate-sensitive infectious diseases. However, there should be more resources on the topic because once the infectious diseases spread, it is hard to control it, and human life is under risk. The hazards of climate-sensitive inflectional diseases should be estimated more carefully. Early warning programs can help notice infectious diseases, but there should be more prevention methods. According to the article, the design and implementation of incremental policy changes should be grounded in an understanding of the adequacy of existing policies and measures, and how their effectiveness could change under different scenarios of climate and socioeconomic change. Socioeconomic changes should not be the decisive factor for measures. Health is the most important issue, and under any circumstances, resources and measures should not be reduced for future infectious disease outbreak. Furthermore, policies and measures are needed to address new risks.

According to the article, vulnerabilities and hazards determine adaptation options, and these adaption options also determine the capacity to adapt measures such as awareness, availability of options, availability of information, skills, technology, political will, availability of human and financial resources, and institutional capacity. However, most of the countries do not have the political will to prioritize infectious disease control. Especially low-income countries do not have the resources to control infectious diseases. Therefore, non-governmental organizations are helping these countries for achieving their goals about infectious disease control. In addition, there are non-climate factors that can drive the incidence of infectious diseases, and these factors are demographics, socioeconomic development, land use, urbanization, technology, and health contexts. Mentioned factors should be taken into consideration for assessing the potential infectious diseases. In addition, ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) developed a handbook intended as a resource to encourage planning activities that anticipate and address the possible impact of climate change on communicable disease spread. For maximum efficiency, this handbook is essential during possible infectious disease outbreaks.

This topic makes me feel interested in it since we are facing a pandemic with an infectious disease. However, the measures in the article do not seem effective during a pandemic. There was a research about Sars and Coronavirus that include statements about wild animals as a cause of infection for these diseases. Since then, certain precautions, policies, and measures must have been taken. Spreading of COVID-19 as an infectious disease should have been prevented earlier.

There should be more measures for infectious diseases. The health system is about to collapse because of the pandemic. According to the article, infectious diseases’ geographic range can be predictable, but during an infectious disease outbreak, the geographic range exceeds the expectations. The policies are not taken seriously by individuals. In addition, countries should reserve more resources such as an economic income for unemployed people, health centers, and stocks for a potential pandemic or infectious disease outbreak. During a pandemic, it is crucial to slow the spread of infectious diseases; for this matter, countries should implement progressive policies for people not to work and get in contact with each other during an outbreak.

Essay on Infectious Diseases: Conclusion

After all, I believe the guidelines were detailed about climate-sensitive infectious diseases and the precautions. Infectious diseases can come up at any time in the future. Basically, this assessment is informative about the reasons and current preventions of climate-sensitive infectious diseases. The topic and assignment are interesting. I was interested in writing about climate-sensitive infectious diseases because of the current pandemic. The work was separated equally along with each group member. Working with other peers is much more efficient than working alone as long as everyone is doing work equivalently. I learned the differences and similarities of different perspectives about this topic from working with my peers.

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