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A Giant Brand: Samsung

Essay on Samsung: Introduction

Within the last century, the emergence of computer technologies, along with the emergence of the internet and social media, have changed the way of business. The business world has become increasingly accessible, global, and feasible, and many vast companies have emerged as a result of globalism. These companies, such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and Twitter, have offices in almost every country. In this assignment, one of the vast companies, the Samsung Company has been meticulously examined and analyzed in terms of its background, product line, brand recognition, and the company structure. Also, recommendations have been stated for further considerations.

Company Background

Samsung is one of the leading technology brands around the world. Lee Byung-Chull established it in 1938 in Korea. It was a grocery at the beginning. By the time it took part in the textile industry and from the 1940s to 1970s, the company enhanced itself in entering the foreign markets. At the beginning of the 1970s, the company started giving place to technology by producing its first black-and-white television. During the 1990s, Samsung's progress in technology continued in the global market. Through the production of smartphones in the 2000s, Samsung expanded its variety of technological products every year. It is now at the top list of best global technological companies. In this sense, one may readily infer that the company once followed a rather improvisation in different sectors in order to obtain the required capital for targeted business models.

Competitors of the Company

Samsung has many competitors from different fields because of its wide variety of products. The company races to the top with well-known brands in all markets. However, Apple is seen as its biggest competitor because of its race in the production of smartphones. Both companies are fastened to each other with their funny and smart commercials. Samsung is actively used in Asian (Shaughnessy 7). It is not much successful in the USA market because of the dominance of Apple there. Unlike Apple, Samsung cooperates with the Android operating system, which is most preferred worldwide. This system is developed to make the use of phones practical to attract people. The company's basic principle in the commercial is upon the ease the daily life. Samsung produces much of the raw materials and main pieces of technological devices that are used by even its competitors. Samsung is a leading brand in the technology market, and they are famous for producing the manufacturing parts for their competitors. Especially, this situation adds up to its image a lot.

Samsung was born in Asia; thus, its efficiency is more in there. The company's biggest competitor in Asia is Huawei, which domains the sector of China. The company, therefore, needs to attract the people in countries that have a high population. Indonesia, India, Bangladeshi, and other examples are available for Samsung to focus on because Apple's target group certain, and Huawei had a disagreement with Google. Apple's target market is first the United States of America and then Europe. Huawei tries to take its previous quality. This atmosphere is available for growth in Asia markets. The main difference that separates Samsung from these most closed competitors is the variety of its products. Apple and Huawei are efficient in phones and other communication devices; however, Samsung provides white goods and TVs besides phones.

Product Lines

Samsung has an extended and various product line compared to its competitors. The most popular product of this technology giant is absolutely the smartphones. Its Galaxy lineup leads many mobile phone innovations. The company usually presents new designs for the smartphone market. It affects the other smartphone producers in terms of the performances and the abilities of their phones. Samsung offers many conveniences to the consumers; for instance, wireless charging, high resolution in photographs and video, long-time durable battery, etc. Otherwise, the quality of the cameras is very high; thus, people do not need a photograph machine. The company supports its phones with the tablet pcs. These are also practical for transporting and solving your works.

Samsung uses the Android operating system that is the most used across the world. It is based on having more basic algorithms than IOS to convince the costumers. We gave the example of IOS here because it is closer to Android from others in terms of choice. Google is one of the supporters of this operating system. Therefore, Google's applications are used more in Samsung devices rather than Samsung's applications. The company may try to improve some kinds of applications. Samsung has a wide product line, which includes raw materials. The company enhances systemic materials, bi-products of the CPUs, etc. Besides these, I would say that they can provide the materials which can notice better. At the present time, people usually choose the products which are eye-pleasing. The devices of the company may be more obvious. I guess the company may prepare its commercials like they are unrivaled, or the only competitor is themselves rather than giving places to the other firms.

There are some of the products, and the company prefers to use with their smartphones. First, smartwatches come to hand. They are not confused with a normal watch because of their good designs. It looks chic, and it is very practical to use. The consumers do not need to get their phones out from their pocket most of the time, because they connect their smartwatch to a smartphone by Bluetooth and use the applications to their job. The company also offers wireless headphones. It is more useful while doing exercises, running, etc. Samsung makes an effort to provide qualified products to its consumers.

Samsung stepped into the technology with the television. Its improvement in smart TVs started in 2008 with the birth of content-oriented TV that can make the consumer connect the internet or USB devices (Kour 11). Nowadays, when we look at the Samsung Smart TVs, we can easily be aware of high video quality. 4K screens make the people feel themselves inside of the TV. The company leads innovations also in white goods. The dishwashers provide water saving, and the washing machines provide time savings. The refrigerators keep the foods fresh for a long time. The company tries to help people at any moment in their lives.

Samsung has a wide range of target audience's ages in terms of smartphones. In my opinion, the company can divide this range into three and produce the devices in this way. Because different ranges need or want different features on the phone. The businessmen hope to access their emails easily, and the young generation wishes a better CPU while playing games. The company may decide the cost of the products according to the country's society's financial conditions. By decreasing the price too few, the sales can increase—people think about how these prices affect themselves economically.


In light of this information, one may readily infer that Samsung is a multi-faceted company that is concentrated in various fields such as smartphones, televisions, white goods, and so on. Therefore, although the company has overall brand recognition among different customer segmentation, there does not exist a single field of production that Samsung is unquestionably the number one brand. In other words, the company targets to be an "okay" brand rather than being the superstar. For instance, and arguably, Apple is the superstar in the smartphone industry, or Tesla is another leading player who seems to be unbeatable in space sciences for a long period of time. In this sense, one may interpret that Samsung does not target to become one of the superstars in various industries; rather the company follows a collective strategy to ensure the guaranteed source of income per annual.

Nevertheless, today's business world has drastically shifted due to the emergence of computer technologies, the internet, and social media. That is, the popularity of companies in social media society has become a determinant in consumer behavior as more people have tended to be a part of this digital world. When considered the fact that social media marketing has already dominated the other marketing channels like television, one may recommend that Samsung should consider concentrating on a single business field. Similar to Samsung, Apple also manufactures smartphones, televisions, and many other assets. However, investing merely on iPhone ads is both advantageous and feasible for the company because the product is like a brand-signature which is popular across the world. Therefore, I believe that Samsung needs a signature-product. Arguably, neither the Galaxy series or cutting-edge white goods have become a signature brand across the world. For a vast organization like Samsung, there should be a characteristic product that reflects the brand culture, image, recognition, and, most importantly, organization values.

Essay on Samsung: Conclusion

In conclusion, the paper has presented insights into the Samsung Company, and the Korean technological giant is a leader in the global market. The company's variety of product line gives it a reputation in different fields. The technological giant is innovating the world in terms of many ways. The company’s quality of brand improves from day today. The number of people that Samsung has an effect on is more than the other. The product line of the company serves it the opportunity of being at the top of the technology company list. The target audience of Samsung is wide, and that raises the opportunity of being at the top list.



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