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Backbone of Efficiency

Training Essay Introduction

Training is the most important factor in maximizing human potential. It helps the individual adapt more thoroughly into the new environment while also teaching them the basic rules and ethics. It is important to note that training is not only given to the unique individuals but can also be given to existent individuals to refresh their skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is fair to say that training benefits both the employee and the employer at the same time. In this paper, I will list training methods and examine them in detail.

Body Paragraphs

Technology-based training is the most effective training out of all, as just the technology itself has revolutionized the industry altogether. Because it is present in every workplace, making employees understand and use technology in their favor is a significant benefit for the workplace. Before going into detail about its other benefits, it is vital to note that thanks to the internet, the training program and lessons are available to the individual 24/7 (Falb, n.d.). This means that the necessity of attending seminars and real-life teachings is completely removed, and the person can continue their training in any sequence they please. This solution removes lack-of-communication and saves employees from a huge burden. Moreover, it is even suitable for companies. For instance, according to Training Magazine, companies save between 50-70% if they replace instructor-led training with electronic content delivery ("The Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace," n.d.). Therefore, saving the company from the avoidable costs.

I believe the most important feature of technology-based training is the option of customization for each trainee. For instance, a person that is about the start the training can look at the subjects and lessons and decide which lessons are needed and which are not. Thanks to this, the trainee will only take the required training and, thus, get a faster learning curve with his boosted focus. And finally, the option of distance training is the best gift of technology. Whether the trainee is 50 miles away, or he is 5000 miles away, the accessibility of these programs stays the same. Evaluating the efficiency of a training system is more comfortable when it is done online.

Data is the main actor when one is evaluating a training program, and it is also an essential part. To calculate the exact efficiency of a program, one has to take the data before the training and after the training. Yet, taking only the data might make things more complicated than they should be. Therefore, first, one has to decide on the factor he/she wants to measure. After choosing the factor, it is important that the participants participate in these pre and post-assessments to make data gathering possible (Gumienny, 2019). For the best results, these assessments should be as easy as possible to complete and also must be kept short.

Thankfully, with the help of data analyzer programs, these assessments can be examined swiftly and turned into readable data for the employer. Data analyzers create the main structure of measuring performance in every case. The readable data must show the employer whether the training program is beneficial or not. Yet there are possibilities where the post data is too difficult to conclude. In those times, it is best to request help from an outside source or firm, such as a data analyst ("List of Training Methods," n.d.). The difference between a data analyzing program and a data analyst is that data analysts are able to comment on the output data more efficiently, whereas programs only put up structured data.

When it comes to encouraging training participating, there are rules that are already being used in the learning industry and are effective. First and foremost, the whole structure must be kept short and also interactive. This takes the authority from the trainer and gives it to the trainees. It is possible to compare this to a basketball player throwing the ball to another player. The player who receives the ball will be forced to participate and learn from the course. And, although it has become common sense, keeping the training as long as possible in the attention span of trainees and not make it any longer is the key. It is scientifically proven that after some time of training, participants do not comprehend the information given after. These rules, combined with the knowledge of trainee's source of motivation, creates a win-win scenario.

Training Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, training is the backbone of efficiency. If done wrong, this can create a false image of success as trainees can hide the fact, and the problem only shows itself when it is too late. Yet, if done right, with the mentioned techniques on both this paper and the given research, it is the best option for the company in both the short and the long term.


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