Hamlet (1996) Movie Analysis Essay


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Hamlet (1996) Movie Analysis Essay

Hamlet Movie Analysis: Introduction

Hamlet's movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh, in 1996. The movie stays loyal to the original Hamlet text. The main characters are Hamlet, Ophelia, Horatio, Polonius, Laertes, Fortinbras, Claudius, and Gertrude. This paper focuses on the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia. The paper also details these main characters, scenes and thoughts, and examples.

Body Paragraphs

Out of the two characters that this paper based on, Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark. First, we see Ophelia and Hamlet at the wedding celebration (0:14.30). After Ophelia, everyone leaves the court. Hamlet says the first monolog fort he pains he suffers from his fathers' death. Yet he does not know the true reason for his father's death. Until the night, he learns the true reason. Ophelia appears in the garden with her brother Laertes talking to each other. She is there to say goodbye to her brother, but Laertes warns her sister about Hamlet. And he is not the only one. Polonius, Ophelia's father, carries the same doubt as to his son. He warns and forbids his daughter Ophelia about Hamlet. Both family members say that Hamlet cannot be trusted; his promises might no be true. They assume Ophelia can not be the wife of a prince.

At that moment audience know Hamlet and Ophelia are in love with each other (0:33.36). However, due to the warning about Hamlet, Ophelia is forbidden from seeing Hamlet. Soon after, Hamlet sees a ghost, his father. Who has been killed by his brother with the position? He tells Hamlet to revenge his death but asks not to touch her mother because he knows his brother trick her with his gifts and lies. Until that moment, Hamlet only mourns the death, sorrows the pain. After seeing his father, learning the reason how he died changes his sorrow to even more deep state. Hamlet's rage becomes something that no longer can be controlled. This knowledge curses Hamlet with madness.

He goes to Ophelia with a very pale face, shaken legs, sorrow (0:55.57). Ophelia gets frightened by Hamlet's visit. This is the last time Hamlet touches Ophelia with love, and she tells about this visit to her father. They both agree to such behavior as this is a sigh for madness. Polonius goes to talk to the king about Hamlets' behavior. Hamlet’s behavior changed in the eyes of everyone surrounding him. However, everyone assumes this change stems from his eternal love of Ophelia. Because Polonius forbids Ophelia, so they try to trick Hamlet to understand his madness. Polonius and the King hide behind the mirror while Ophelia waits for Hamlet. King was considerably afraid that Hamlet might know the real reason for his father's death.

Hamlet comes and walks near to the mirror step by step, and he says, “To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether this nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep. No more; and by a sleep to say we end. The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks. That flesh is heir to: 'this a consummation. Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub: For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come” (1:34.42), and he continues his word until he sees Ophelia.

It is clear that Hamlets' existential question and the desire to end his life cannot be done until he revenges his father's death. It is his only goal. That is the way he is blind against love. And he can not any longer love Ophelia with so much anger in his heart. His words to Ophelia are mean. He does not think about Ophelia what she might feel about his words. Hamlet is in so much pain because of this, and he breaks Ophelia's heart by saying, “I do not love you, I loved you before but not anymore”. He hurts Ophelia deeply. However, Ophelias' and Hamlets' destiny are the same. They are both driven by madness until their madness kills them. Another similarity is they are both driven mad because of their fathers' death. Except Ophelia's father being killed by Hamlet. And another exception is that even though her father is killed, she does not chase revenge after the murder.

That day before Polonius, he was getting killed by Hamlet. Hamlet tries to trick the king into the theater. He adds a scene to play. This scene about a king who is being poisoned and the person who poisoned the king would be marrying his wife. Hamlet seems very excited while play continues. He observes the king very carefully. Hamlet does not act kindly to Ophelia during the play. He humiliates Ophelia with his words. And anyone who says something to Hamlet, he behaves against rudely. However, the play is stopped by Polonius. And the king becomes furious. King and Polonius plan another trick to understand Hamlets' actions. That trick they planned causes Polonius' death.

While Polonius being murdered by Hamlet, the king suffers from his action in the past, as to killing his brother. He tries to pray for forgiveness; however, he fails because of that sin. He gets everything he wants, such as the crown, the queen, and power. That night king is not the only one who faces his own. Queen Gertrude is also facing her consciousness. Hamlets' words were like an arrow that sticks into Gertrude consciousness. While Hamlet and her mother are talking, ghost hamlet appears. Hamlet sees the ghost of his father, but to his mother, Hamlet is looking into emptiness and talks. Hamlet gets emotional and says “shall not tears peel from these eyes rather than blood” (2.18.31). Hamlets' father demands Hamlet, asking to talk with his mother.

As the result of Polonius death, Hamlet is exiled to London. While he leaves, he left a girl beyond in the hands of madness. Ophelia becomes mad in the absence of Hamlet. Her pain drives her mad as the same as Hamlets' madness. Her madness causes her to talk more bravely on matters that must be special. She does not want revenge, on the contrary to Laertes. When Laertes comes back for revenge, he finds his sister's effects of madness. She repeats nonsense words. Her madness and desire to kill herself outweigh. She achieves something that Hamlet does not achieve. She drowns herself. When her dear Hamlet returns, soon after her death, and he gets very upset by the grave, his dear Ophelia is dead. He said that he loved Ophelia more than anyone. Somehow by the time pasted, his madness disappeared. However, destiny had much more to show for those who sought revenge. King and Laertes were seeking revenge for Polonius' death. However, they were not playing honestly. At least Hamlet was chasing after an honest revenge. He did not kill his uncle, the king, before he went to London. because he wanted to wait until a moment that his own sin can be the reason of his death.

The Kings' last trick was a bet between Hamlet and Laertes. Whoever wins a point, he would drink a glass of wine to honor the winner. One of the cups was filled with poison. When Hamlet won two-point, her mother took the poison cup and drunk it because Hamlet did not want to drink unless he wins the bet. Laertes poisoned his sword and cut Hamlets' shoulder. After Hamlet attacks Laertes and disarms, and throws his sword to Laertes. Hamlet cut the Laertes as well. Secrets come out with the last breath of Laertes. Hamlet took his revenge on who killed his uncle but lost his mother and his own life. Hamlets' dear friend Horitious wanted to drink what is left of poisoned wine. Hamlet asks his dear friend not to do it in his last breaths because one should live for telling the truth of Hamlet, and gave his permission for Fortinbras that he should be king of Denmark.

Hamlet Movie Analysis: Conclusion

Whoever acts with ambition brings evil to everyone around them. In Hamlet, this person is Claudius. His actions and lies bring the kingdom, only pain, sorrow, madness, and death. If King had not been killed by his brother, Hamlet would never have killed Polonius. Ophelia would have not gone mad. Laertes would have not seeken revenge. None of these people would not have been dead. Most importantly, except Claudius, everyone would be happy. One can conclude that only one man’s madness spreads and destroys others.

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