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Human Resource Development Essay: Introduction

In the 21st century, globalization and digital age have changed the settings of the business environment. The competition grew rapidly, and businesses started to educate their employees in the workplace because employees’ qualifications are an essential variable for a competitive market place. Also, qualified employees help businesses achieve their goals in the market place. More specifically, globalization made it a necessity to promote adult learning in the work environment because a competitive market place required qualified employees to achieve its goals. One point of view suggests that every business should focus on human resource development for its employees. The benefits of human resource development will help the business achieve both its own and employee's goals with human resource development, specifically on topics such as globalization.

Human Resource Development

One can infer that businesses that focus on training their employees with human resource development will be more successful than others in the competitive market place because employees are the ones who keep the business as sustainable. Also, the benefits of human resource development are helpful for both business and employee because employee starts to educate itself on the topic during the human resource development that helps an employee achieve on its tasks or responsibilities more efficiently.

More specifically, efficiency is the most valuable variable for businesses because efficiency allows businesses to accomplish their goals with maximum efforts in a limited time. In the globalized world, efficiency makes a great difference between competitor brands (“Benefits and Strategies,” 2019). Also, qualified employees can focus on completing the effective tasks during their works to help them achieve both in their personal and business goals. In other words, employees who successfully complete their human resource development in the workplace will eventually benefit the company in the long-term, and accordingly, this paper has focused on the role of adult learning in human resource development in the workplace and specific learning strategies for adults.

Human resource development is an essential business variable to educate employees for improving their skills in the field. More specifically, Human Resource Development (HRD) is the framework for helping employees to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Also, Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development (Heathfield, 2020). That is, topics such as performance management and career development help employees become successful in their responsibilities, and they learn how to use their performance effectively.

After all, employees should use their time effectively on their task to maintain efficiency during the work time, and they gain the ability to see the opportunities in their works that helps them promote a higher position in the company. The main goal of human resource development is to teach employees to become more successful in their responsibilities, tasks, and services to help the business achieve its goals (Melis, 2018). Also, companies can use their own senior employees to teach others in human resource development. However, companies can also use outside sources for human resource development. Arguably, outside sources might not be connected with the company's goals and ambitions, but senior who attends the human resource development will be more connected with the employees to teach them company's goals and ambitions. In other words, using inside sources for human resource development will benefit the company more because seniors and supervisors will be communicating with employees in the human resource development training that will give them the opportunity to share personal experiences in the field.

More specifically, internal staff will be more successful at coaching employees in the workplace. However, human resource development can be done in the office or outside of the office with internal staff or outside sources. Also, coaching and mentoring is a valuable perspective for companies because unqualified employees will learn to improve their abilities and skills with coaching and mentoring. Moreover, human resource development includes complex work assignments, field trips, and self-study that helps employees to train themselves during human resource development. Eventually, internal training is important for sharing the company's goals and culture to the employees.

The approaches to training in human resource development create the opportunity to become efficient during the training that is one of the main goals of human resource development for boosting the efficiency. More specifically, feedbacks create efficiency because employees learn their senior's and supervisor's point of view about learning process with the feedbacks that help them improve their skills in a more effective way. In other words, human resource development includes several variables to accomplish efficiency during the training, and these variables are different approaches in training, work assignments, field-trips, self-study, sharing experiences, and feedbacks to accomplish the desired outcome from the training that will benefit both company and employees to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, the company's culture and ambitions make human resource development necessary because a competitive business environment requires qualified employees to create a difference between its competitors. More specifically, human resource development allows effective communication between employees and supervisors during the training, and effective communication can motivate employees to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities during the work. Eventually, human resource development is necessary training for employees to achieve their goals effectively.

Adult Learning

Adult learning is highly related with the human resource development training because an employee's education level and learning process tend to directly affect the training process. Also, an adult's education level can determine the training process during human resource development. More specifically, adult learning should focus on improving cognitive abilities to become more successful in the learning process because cognitive skills are an important variable for the learning process. There are different approaches to the learning process. Firstly, the behaviorist approach to learning is reflected in human resource development settings when actions are rewarded based on measurable behavior (e.g., performance) more predominantly than in adult education settings, in which cognitive growth is more likely to be the framework for learning (Lowyck, 1996; Melis, 2018)). In my personal experiences on human development training, I found the behaviorist approach highly effective because individuals who get rewards for their successful actions become more motivated during the workplace that they were maximizing their efforts when they rewarded for it.

Secondly, the Cognitive approach focuses on the guidance of leaders that allows employees to improve their cognitive structure and internal mental process within the leader's guidance. Cognitivism is shaped by three underlying assumptions about the process of learning: (a) individuals construct their own learning from experience, (b) cognitive meaning develops as individuals interact with their environment, and (c) prior experiences direct perception and thus might limit learning (Grippin & Peters, 1984). According to my former experiences, I found the cognitive approach effective because listening to experiences of supervisors and leaders accomplishes motivation on employees because their experience provides key ideas about planning, management, and efficiency that helps employees to use these key ideas on their tasks and responsibilities for becoming successful.

Thirdly, the humanist approach suggests that while individuals' perceptions are centered in experience, they have the freedom to pursue their unlimited potential for growth and development (Melis, 2018). In other words, the humanist approach considers learning from the perspective of the human potential for growth. According to my experiences, the humanist approach is helpful in the learning process because it aims to provide personal growth. I think individuals are learning better when different approaches are used in the workplace because every employee's motivation and learning abilities is different than others. Therefore, one can infer that due to these differences, an adequate approach should be chosen for employees during the training in the workplace.

Employees are spending a lot of time in the workplace, and they use this time effectively. Their learning motivations should be revealed to accomplish a successful learning process in the work environment. According to my experiences, employees learn better when they communicate with their supervisors and leaders because their experiences allow them to motivate themselves in the workplace. Also, the learning environment is a critical variable for the learning process because noise can be harmful to communication, and a noisy learning environment will not benefit the employee's learning process. Therefore, the learning environment should be quiet during training.

Another point of view about a better adult learning process is that employees should be rewarded when they accomplish successful tasks or responsibilities in the workplace because rewarding employees increases the motivation for maximum effort during the workplace. Also, employees learn better when they have personal goals and ambitions in the workplace because their goals motive them to perform effectively. In other words, there are several opinions about how adults learn better in the workplace and all of these opinions are focusing on approaches that will help employees to motive in their learning process such as rewards, listening experiences of supervisors and leaders, quiet workplace, and personal goals affect the learning process to become better in the workplace. Eventually, adequate approaches should be selected during the learning process.

Adult Learning Role in Human Resource Development

Adult learning process plays a critical part in the human resource development because adult education level affects human resource development levels. One can infer that if adults are open to learning, then human resource development will be successful because adult learning and human resource development are completing each other. In other words, human resource development success can be measured with adult learning outcomes. However, the adult learning level should be adequate for human resource development training.

On the other hand, human resource development focuses on increasing adult's cognitive learning skills during the pieces of training. Therefore, in one point of view, adult learning affects human resource development, and in the other point of view, human resource development affects adult learning abilities during the training (“Adult Education,” 2020). More specifically, these two variables are connected to each other, and they affect each other during the training. Also, adult learning skills are an essential variable during human resource development training because employees need to use these skills during work assignments in order to accomplish them successfully.

Another point of view about adult learning in human resource development is that employees should use their learning abilities in order to understand performance management and development or succession planning during the training. More specifically, human resource development includes mentoring, and the nature of adult learning can be increased during mentoring.

Effective Instructional Methods

An effective instructional method's impact on adult learning is highly essential because these methods allow training to become more effective and desired. Also, these effective instructional methods make the training more interesting and more supportive for achieving the desired outcome. More specifically, these effective instructional methods are universal methods that can be used in different work environments. However, different work environments require different effective instructional methods because effective instructional methods should be adequate for the work environment.

Firstly, the classroom-based training method is commonly led by qualified facilitators, and training continues a few days in a class. Groups of employees go through a series of presentation slides and activities, such as case study assessments or information on company policy issues. The advantage of classroom-based training is that a group of employees can attain large amounts of knowledge at the same time (Andriotis, 2020). Secondly, interactive training method is considered as the most efficient method among all effective instructional methods, and it provides employees their own learning experience in the workplace. More specifically, interactive training includes the form of simulations, scenarios, role plays, quizzes, or games, and these variables are applying to real work scenarios, role plays, and quizzes about real work. Also, the interactive training method provides feedback during the training that helps employees increase their learning abilities.

Thirdly, the Online learning method is one of the preferred effective instructional strategies because employees can attend online training programs in their workplace, and this provides efficiency in the workplace. In other words, online training is adequate for every workplace. On the other hand, classroom-based training might not be adequate for every workplace because employees can find this effective instructional method boring during the training. Also, expenses can cause money to the company. Moreover, the interactive training method is adequate for every workplace because it provides real work scenarios during the training, and different workplaces can use their own real work scenarios for training. More specifically, internal staff can lead the training according to their company culture.

Human Resource Development Essay: Conclusion

To sum up, in the 21st century, the market place has become more competitive than ever. Also, globalization and the digital age made human resource development a necessity. According to the competitive market environment, companies started to invest in human resource development in order to educate their employees because qualified employees create a difference with their competitors. The main goal of the human resource development is to increase employee's skills and abilities during the training. Human resource development training includes performance management and development, mentoring and coaching, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development. Also, employees who become successful in human resource development, they will be completing their task effectively, and efficiency is one of the main goals of human resource development. More specifically, human resource development includes complex tasks and responsibilities services. Moreover, adult learning and human resource development are related to each other because adult learning and human resource development affect each other. Eventually, there are effective instructional methods for training that helps employees to learn effectively during the training.


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