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Wellness Program for Employee Benefit

Human Resources Essay: Introduction

The employees determine the position of a firm or company. Their performance directly affects the value of the company. If everything goes well for employees, the firm's value rises against its competitors. The vital point for managers is to focus on the factors that increase employees' productivity and performance. The Human Resources (HR) department, therefore, is a necessity for a firm to improve its value. We can briefly explain what HR does as it offers various opportunities to ease the employees' working life.

Body Paragraphs

That opportunities involve different types, including health insurance, some privileges, bonuses, etc. When the managers provide employee-benefits throughout the HR's advises, the commitment and loyalty of employees become stronger. This makes them work with a hundred percent of the will to work. In other words, motivation is a key element to provide an instinctive boost for employees. Accordingly, the common knowledge is that when employees have intrinsic motivation regarding their projects and work, they perform better. Besides intrinsic motivation, a suitable business environment that provides privileges, proper health insurance, and scheduled bonuses will eventually benefit both sides.

Health insurance is one of the primary opportunities for employees. Knowing that the managers care about their health motivates the employees much. HR looks for the best health conditions for the employees by following the recent progress around the world. This year, HR managers all around the world came across a pandemic crisis. The pandemic events changed the working styles of the HR managers, and especially it made the conditions difficult for them. Almost all companies started to switch to a remote work model with the spread of Covid-19. Because the speed of spread was quite fast that it was making face-to-face working impossible, in that process, HR managers have spent more effort on concerning the employees' health and well-being besides keeping their adaptation high and making them productive, motivated, engaged, and connected (Lewis, 2020). Obviously, most people manage the employee-benefits to the employees in this process because of the constraints (Abston, 2020).

Every company needs a wellness program for employees to provide better employee-benefits that ease the working conditions. A wellness program should include the best conditions for employees to increase their engagement and productivity. They play a great role in reducing the costs for the medical care of employees. The vital point here is to identify the wellness program's content to offer the best conditions without a problem.

At this point, we can have a look at Rand Corporations' final report titled Workplace Wellness Programs Study. According to this report, a wellness program needs to provide wide health initiatives through a proper diet, stress management, and exercise (2013). To have the best delivery after a wellness program, the firms need to look for their expectations. It will set up a supply-demand relation between the employees and the company. When HR supplies the requirements and the wills of employees, it is better to increase their loyalty.

The emphasized firm's working styles are not available for remote working because the employees should be in touch with the patients. Therefore, while making recommendations about the emphasized firm, we aimed to handle a wellness program according to the pandemic conditions. The firm should provide opportunities regarding the risks of the spread of the coronavirus. The first implementation that needs to be done must be health insurance for the employees. The employees are at the center of the risk of infection. The managers have to follow and control their state of health. While doing this, HR should search for the most affordable care costs for the employees. If the managers guarantee that they will find the best health assurance within their sponsorship, the employees' engagement improves. However, there is an essential issue here. Especially during the pandemic process, the employees' demands have great importance more than the managers' thoughts. Therefore, it will be better to set up a wellness committee, including employees during the decision-process about their health insurances. This will increase and the motivation of the employees (Anastasia, Karina, 2020).

Another point that the managers can provide for the employees is personal health programs. Every employee has a different metabolism and disease. To protect their health and avoid them being infected during the pandemic, the firm should take special precautions for every employee. When the firm deals with private caregivers for personal diet programs for the employees and regulates the launch, dinner, and snack times according to their advice, it will be great proof to employees that the managers care about their health much. It is vital to prefer private caregivers because they will offer better results because of the qualified service's availability (Steel, Schmidt, Bosco, and Uggerslev, 2019).

In addition to health and diet programs, the firm can provide gym and massage opportunities to the employees because the body resistance should be extreme. The working hours and break times can be reorganized regarding ensuring free gym, massage, and other sports activities. This will make the employees feel relax and more motivated. They will be energic instead of being tired.

Besides physical wellness, mental health is also essential. The pandemic process caused mental disorders in many people. Most of the people carry the stress of whether they will be infected or not. The employees in that firm form a risk group because they are in touch with the patients. Their fear harms their psychology every day. Their mental problems affect them in a negative way that they lose their motivation, energy, and their performance decreases. All these factors affect the firm's value and dignity in a negative way. To prevent this fall of the firm, the managers should ensure one-to-one mental support to reduce relationship difficulties at the workplace (Duncan, 2020). The need for psychological advisory must certainly be handled.

Human Resources Essay: Conclusion

Consequently, its employees' care about its employees affects their performance, productivity, motivation, and loyalty. HR offers the best opportunities for the employees to make them work in the best conditions. The supply-demand relationship between employers and employees increases by being aware of their expectations and demands. During the pandemic process, the managers should provide the most proper conditions for employees to protect against the virus. Offering private health care at an affordable price for employees increases their engagement. The firm should be aware of how much better conditions they provide for the employees, that much they improve their dependability and value.


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