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Online vs. Traditional Classes

Online vs. Traditional Classes: Introduction

Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the institutions to teach the lessons in an online environment. While this seems like a better option for students in the short-run, if not executed correctly, online education can hurt the learnability of students and damage more than it has healed. In this paper, I will examine what learnability is, how it can be measured, and how the new system can be appropriately executed.

Body Paragraphs

Learnability, also called learning effectiveness, is the speed and ease with which the students can learn the given information. This means that in a classroom where learnability is high, a student learns the given class or knowledge in a fast and easy way and vice versa. If we want to measure the learnability of a course, the safest way is to get the measurements from students. Thankfully, with the help of data analyzing, this can be done without talking to every student or learner that is taking the classes. Before using performance evaluation tests, one should look at the online learning database to see how the learners are using it. Looking at the amount of time used in the website, participation level, and attendance rate can create a picture of how it is used.

A higher number means a more interactive environment and, thus, a better environment on paper. Secondly, performance evaluation tests in systematic intervals are efficient ways to see whether the knowledge that is being taught is being processed by the learners or not. Yet, only looking at the results is not enough. A teacher should examine the results and adapt accordingly. This means focusing more on the weak-points instead of continuing the curriculum as if nothing has happened. Just like in every other branch of life, detecting and solving is the best way to handle a problem instead of overlooking. If done correctly, engaging in professional development in an online teaching environment becomes as possible as it is in real life. Although, of course, there are many ways a teacher can make that easier.

First and foremost, knowing what professional development is essential for the teacher. Professional development is the name of specialized training or education for teachers, administrators, or similar educators. This development technique improves an individual's knowledge, skill, and effectiveness. Therefore, it is fair to say that professional development is needed if someone is aspiring to be an educator. With the help of online classes, teachers can improve their educating methods by a huge margin. In my opinion, there are two methods teachers can use to make their class more efficient and interactive.

The increased amount of engagement from the teacher can be vital. Typically, in a classroom, it might be hard for a teacher to use additional resources to make his/her class more interesting. Although some teachers bring their own materials from home or ask the students for the required materials, most of the teachers simply refuse to do so. Yet, in an online class, materials are infinite, and the amount of active learning that can be used is much higher when compared to a physical classroom (O'Malley, 2017). Teachers that do not have technological proficiency can request help from other teachers to create interactive courses for students. This is essential in a way that because students tend to get bored more quickly when they are in an online class, teaching by making them interact with the lesson itself is much better.

The second is that the teacher should not just give long texts or assignments in every class. Instead, the infinite amount of multimedia resources should be used along with the lesson. For instance, when the teacher is about to present a subject to the classroom, there should be only 10-minute-long texts maximum at any time of the lesson. The best way to teach is to explain the subject with the help of a text at first and then support the given knowledge with the help of other sources, images, and videos (Kampen, 2020). Most students or learners have a strong visual memory. This means that multimedia sources in a lesson create a much stronger base than a normal one.

Online vs. Traditional Classes: Conclusion

In conclusion, the new pandemic created an environment we all wanted but was never ready. Yet, if we adapt to this new environment correctly and quickly, we can transform this into an opportunity and even turn it into a more efficient classroom than a traditional one. It is also important to note that the teacher's responsibility is much higher than the student's, as everything revolves around the teacher only. One good thing is that this online classroom opportunity will make teachers more technologically proficient, and thus increase the efficiency of classrooms after this pandemic ends.


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