Sarafina! Movie Reflection and Summary


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Sarafina! Movie Reflection and Summary

Sarafina! Movie Summary: Introduction

History has revealed that South Africa suffered from white domination. That is, white superiority interfered with the workflow of the South African government. In other words, the country has long suffered from not making their own decisions. In the movie, Sarafina faces cultural and political changes because the government commits crimes against students in their country. More specifically, the government sees students as criminals, and they interfere with school educations. Also, before Sarafina faces political and cultural changes, she faces difficulties, and even then she stays positive, and she wants to be a famous singer. Sarafina’s journey starts with her teacher’s influence because according to Sarafina, her teacher is a respectful individual who tries to do the right thing, and her beliefs considerably influence Sarafina. The breaking points in the movie are based on Sarafina’s teacher influential characteristics because she educates them with historical truths and hopes, and she provides her students with the truth about their country and life.

Body Paragraphs

One can readily argue that South Africans suffered from white justice because white justice does not seek African’s benefits. For instance, when students take a stand for themselves, white justice does not accept their stand. More specifically, white justice gets afraid of their probable actions. Therefore, white justice becomes more violent to African citizens who dares to take a stand against white justice.

Also, Sarafina’s father is one of the individuals who suffered from white justice. Sarafina’s father is an important character in the movie as Sarafina wants to follow his path even if she suffers from white justice. In this sense, Sarafina underestimates her mother because her mother serves white families. However, she also takes a stand for her children because her husband was killed by white justice, and Sarafina’s mother had to work in order to take care of their children. Nevertheless, Sarafina does not understand her mother’s struggle because she gets triggered by several events that occur in her life. The absence of Sarafina’s teacher is one of these events that lead her to join the uprising for themselves.

In the movie, Sarafina’s teacher and vocal parts represent hope for their future because African children need a great deal of hope. In the meanwhile, they are suffering from white justice every day on the streets. Also, Mandela is a symbolic figure that represents the change for equality. More specifically, Sarafina writes a play, and at the end of the play, Mandela is a free man, but they cannot play this at school because white justice does not like these kinds of endings that provide hope for Africans. One can infer that white justice interferes with everything in South Africa, and white justice gets angry when a teacher teaches students their real history. For example, they arrest that teacher as an example to others who may dare to speak the truth in school. However, arresting the teacher triggers something serious. Students and Sarafina takes a stand for themselves, and they start an uprising against white justice, and they kill a police officer.

In this sense, after the killing of a policeman, white justice becomes angrier and more violent to children who joined the uprising, and they face great violence by police officers. That is to say; politics commit a crime against Sarafina and her friends because political forces try to break down their hope and encourage them against white justice.

Sarafina! Movie Summary: Conclusion

After all, social changes force Sarafina and her friends to take a stand for themselves against white justice. In other words, Sarafina and her friends get involved with social changes in their society, and they want things to be different; they want political changes, but political forces commit crimes against Sarafina and her friends. After all, this violence by politics and police force Sarafina and her friends to take a stand against such injustice.

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