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A Growing Company: Tesla

Tesla Motors Essay: Introduction

Developing, manufacturing and, selling electric vehicles (“EVs”), storage systems, energy generation, and managing operations and marketing solar electricity are among the specification of Tesla Inc., the world’s first diagonally integrated sustainable energy company. Their main characteristic is clean energy goods, which contain generation, consumption, and storage (Doucet, 2001). Their ability to integrate outline and car engineering, empowered by the technical advancements of their powertrain system (Doucet, 2001), has allowed them to overcome the problems that have stopped electric vehicles from becoming adopted, thus allowing their customers to benefit.

Body Paragraphs

Long-range and recharging flexibility that exceeds any other commercially available electric vehicle and ability to charge by using almost any electrical outlet has occurred thanks to their proprietary onboard charging system. Also, fast charging opportunity from their Supercharger network. High-Performance in combination with improved design and functionality. The autopilot system is enriched with rapid and constant acceleration, and it is now offering a sound and conducive experience. (Koskinen et al., 2019) Energy efficiency and cost of ownership. Their vehicles offer an affordable price of property compared to other cars that use combustion engines and hybrid electric vehicles. In the production of their vehicles, benefitting from electric powertrain has allowed them to create more energy-efficient cars compared to present accessible vehicles such as hybrid or internal combustion engine ones.

The cost of charging electric vehicles is cheaper compared to fueling internal combustion vehicles, and they offer lower maintenance costs than other cars due as a result of less moving parts and lack of some elements such as oil, oil filters, spark plugs and engine valves in their vehicles. Besides such benefits growing companies offer Destination Chargers which are enlarging every day such as North America, Europe, and Asia, their Superchargers network is also expanding, and due to their massive impact on the world and their continuous development, they offer better customer service. With that said, there are also negative sides of working with Tesla, and these come in the form of risk factors.

As a growing company, they might experience different types of unseen mistakes such as manufacturing problems, production delays, or delivery ramps delays and also launching errors in their newly adopted vehicles. Their production is subject to several uncertainties, such as regulatory approval, supply chain constraints, and the speed of installing production equipment. In addition to that, their inadequate participation in producing high-volume vehicles as a young company can be harmful too. Thus, the company might not be maintaining enough success in the vehicle production industry, sales, and consignment plans and services, any of which could endanger the companies possibilities to grow in business. Manufacturing is also another essential premise that they have limited experience. Moreover, Tesla Inc. has not built a network for the independent dealer, which means they maintain vehicle services, and these services might not be sufficient.

Tesla Motors Essay: Conclusion

Their future growth and success are questionable since it highly depends on the consumers' willingness to adopt electric vehicles and specifically their cars, and no pledge has been given by the consumers that they will choose the new electric vehicle systems in the future. (Dini, n.d.) Tesla vehicles, in particular, do not develop as expected or develops more slowly, or if demand for cars decreases in markets, the company's business and financial condition could be harmed. If problems such as self-drive getting legally restricted, having errors in the manufacture, and in design that requires repairment occurs, their ability to develop, market, and sell the products and services could be harmed. In conclusion, as a growing company, they carry great potential and risk simultaneously.


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