The Avengers Movie Analysis


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The Avengers Movie Analysis

The Avengers Movie Analysis: Introduction

Individuals are social creatures that rely high on each other. That is, it is impossible to imagine a society without social institutions, teams, and groups that share the same belief or goal (Bunsick, 2000). After all, the emergence of provinces, cities, and even nations stems from the aspects of teamwork and communication in a community. In this assignment, The Avengers (2012) has been analyzed and examined in terms of the small group concept and its relation to the movie, communication, and the strengths and weaknesses of communicators. Also, a brief synopsis of the film has been presented.

Body Paragraphs

In the movie, Loki, the evil God, ascends to the SHIELD base and steals the “all-powerful alien Tesseract” (“The Avengers,” 2012). Also, Dr. Eric Selvig and Hawkeye happen to be transformed into Loki’s slaves. Subsequently, Nick Fury, the head of SHIELD, decides that it is now time to take avenge with the big guns. They catch Loki in Stuttgart, but there, Thor happens to emerge to bring Loki back to Asgard to question him for what he has done in the past. In that scene, the heroes, at first, do not agree; however, they eventually agree with Thor. In the meanwhile, Loki expects heroes to dig into each other, while his slave zombots arrive to spring him. Nevertheless, Loki manages to escape, mostly due to conflict and discussion among the heroes. Agent Coulson gets killed, and this incident traumatizes the heroes even more.

However, they manage to take Hawkeye, along with his arrows, back. Fury, once again, motivates the hero team to try again. Then, Thor heads for Loki, and the other heroes follow him after a short time. The moment they are about to lose against Loki, all of the Avengers come together under the leadership of Captain America (“The Avengers,” 2012). Also, Iron Man sacrifices himself to save New York; however, Hulk manages to catch him, and everyone finally high-fives. Although everyone separately goes back to their own lives, they seem to be ready for the next adventure to act against as a team.

A small group concept refers to the communication of three or more people that share the same purpose, shared identity, and mutual influence (Chapter 13, 2019). In the movie context, the Avengers keeps up with the small group as they also share the same purpose: saving the world. They have a mutual influence on the world’s destiny, and everyone expects them to save the world. Their shared identity is that they are members of SHIELD. The plot keeps up with the concept because, after all, the team finally acts as a small group following a series of traumatizing incidents and leadership (Shmoop Editorial, 2013). Also, the small workgroup (the Avengers) can be among “command, response, military, performance, and negotiation type of small groups as they need to coordinate, persuade, protect/rescue, and neutralize.

Group drama resulted from offensive communication can be considered as a weakness, especially in the Avengers group because many of the members already know each other and have a history. Often, group members can be observed referring to an incident that happened in the past to each other during a meaningful group conversation. Obviously, patience and empathy are required, as in the case of Hulk. However, the most obvious advantage is the leadership. That is, as the team is not so large, they can easily unite together when faced with extreme danger for the greater good of humanity.

The Avengers Movie Analysis: Conclusion

In conclusion, this paper has concentrated on the analysis of The Avengers (2018) in terms of communication and small group concepts. Accordingly, the characters and group in the movie keep up with the definition and terms of a small group. However, referring to past incidents during meetings is a disadvantage of such a group. After all, they could manage to unite together with objective leadership.


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