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Achievement to Spoil

Uncharted Live Action Fan Film: Introduction

The Uncharted Live Action Fan Film is a short-length adventure film of a treasure hunter whose name is Nathan Drake. The film is based on the video game series named Uncharted. Naughty Dog developed, and Sony Interactive Entertainment published the video game series for PlayStation consoles, and it consists of four series. The film is a natural reflection of the game. Allan Ungar directed the film, and it was released on July 16, 2018. Nathan Fillion has the leading role in the short-length film as Nathan Drake. He goes on an adventure with his friends that are performed by Stephen Lang and Mircea Monroe.

Body Paragraphs

The Uncharted Live Action Fan Film takes place in Mexico. The choice of the country evokes action scenes initially because almost all of the films which are shot in Mexico include fighting, guns, and sometimes kidnapping. The men who kidnap Nathan Drake are like the soldiers for the fortune of a rich businessman. This case highlights that everyone is looking for something confidential. The mysterious thing arouses curiosity for the audience, and that curiosity makes them focus on every detail and keep watching until the end of the film. Nathan Drake seems self-satisfied because he is not afraid of the gang's manners. He is well-known because of his old incidents. The behaviors of him implicate to the audience about a point that he trusts himself, and he can be freed. The breaking point of the film may be when Drake speaks with the older man via in-ear headphones. That improves the idea that he is kidnapped purposely to achieve something he needs. The scene that a man looks at the compass and recognizes that one of the needles is not there, which is in Drake's hand, confirms the idea that Drake plays with the gang to be there, and what he does is planned before.

Drake's purpose of being detained is to achieve some letters of an old captain. His name is Albuquerque, and he had been well-experienced about his field. Albuquerque was an essential statesman at his time; besides, he was a great conqueror for Portuguese. At the beginning of the film, one of Albuquerque's quotes takes place. He talks about a spoil, the richest one ever seen for him until the time he lived. The letters that Drake is looking for are related to that spoil, which is a great adventure for him to chase as Drake is a treasure hunter, his exciting attempt for the letters as usual. He mentions the letters as they are the key to the treasure. Thus, the audience wonders about how they work out to reach Albuquerque's spoil. When Drake sees the example of the bracelet that is in his hands, and probably the gang s looking for it, he owns the two essential keys for the world's most significant treasure. He steals the letters and runs away not to be caught by the men. The indispensable scenes come right after his robbery; the gunfight. The scenes with guns are more effective to keep the audiences' attention.

Almost all of the action films end with the leading role's win. It does not differ whether long-length or short-length. In this film, Drake is kidnapped first then he can escape from the gang with his friend. The peak of the action is passed with his escape. The next scenes are for catching the audience's curiosity. The audience does not have an exact idea about the relation of the bracelet, letters, and the spoil. Everyone looks for the scene where Drake and his teammates find the connection between them. One signal takes them to the result. The triangle, actually a trinity, is the keystone of the letters. Drake finds where precisely the treasure is by using his historical information. He knows the recovery ship that came for Albuquerque and his crew, who could not get over after the sink of their sailing vessel. The only person who could live after that issue was Albuquerque and the rescue ship saved him. The captain of the recovery ship was Magellan. This historical information and the connection between Magellan, who is a well-known sailor and discoverer, are interesting for the audience. Their curiosity reaches almost to the peak point.

Drake was right about the point that the bracelet and the letters complete each other to be the key for the treasure. He found the exact coordinates of the spoil, which is not at the place everyone knows. His detection of the way through the richest treasure is the most sensitive spot of the film. Whole attempts of Drake for the letters end up with a successful deduction. They begin to new adventure through the Philippines to achieve Albuquerque's richest spoil. The caught goal is the key to a more excellent target.

Uncharted Live Action Fan Film: Conclusion

After all, the film is mainly based on two feelings of the audience: excitement and curiosity. It is short-length; however, the matter in hand is extended. The escape time of the main character is the change point of the feelings. The film holds the audience's attention from the beginning to the end. It makes the audience feel in action. The fiction is exciting and straightforward, and the acting is excellent enough for a short-length film. It is like all the scenes end up in one breath.

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