Company Profile Essay: Apple


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Company Profile Report: Apple

Company Profile Essay: Introduction

Apple Computers Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, in April 1976. The company produces small computers. Two years later after they founded, they added color-graphics into their computers. They were the first ones using color-graphics in computers. Sales rose quickly because of this reason. Accordingly, they became a global force in 30 years. In the first decade of 21st century, the company expanded its products such as iPods, iPhones, Mac, and Apple TV. Today, their product scale includes AirPods and Apple Watch. Company beliefs are the pushing the limits of creativity in order to produce valuable products for their customers. Eventually, Apple's core value is innovation in technology.

  • Apple’s core values are producing the best quality products, best user experience, accessibility, privacy, and supplier responsibility.

  • Apple’s vision statement is "bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services” (Apple Mission Statement,” 2020, para. 3)

  • Apple's mission statement is, ”Apple believes that they are on the face of the earth to make great products” (“Apple Mission Statement,” 2020, para.4).

Industry Profile

Company Profile Essay: Apple

The electronics market share of Apple is increasing every year. Apple wants to be the leader of the marketplace for long years.

Five Forces Analysis for Apple

  1. Competitive rivalry or competition

  2. Bargaining power of buyers or customers

  3. Bargaining power of suppliers

  4. Threat of substitutes or substitution

  5. Threat of new entrants or new entry (Ferguson, 2019)

Apple’s unique market offer is "Best quality products”, and "best user experience” is Apple’s another prevailing marketing offer.

Apple's innovative approach benefits the company to produce better products than its competitors such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Also, Apple approaches its products while producing them as user-friendly products.

SWOT Analysis

Company Profile Essay: Apple

Analysis & Insights

Apple’s target segment is everyone. Their market profile is artists, business investors, producers, and anyone who believe in Apple’s technology. Apple brings the best quality in their products to the marketplace. Their user experience promises is unique, and their brand's history makes its products more trustworthy for their consumers.

Apple’s price list is categorized into three sections: iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and prices are higher than their competitors. The most expensive product in iPhone group is iPhone 11 Pro. Also, Macs are very expensive. iPads and iPods are cheaper than other products in the Apple product category. Usually, Apple does not make discounts on its official website. However, sometimes distributors give discounts. Payment terms have different options, such as credit cards or cash. Apple is making a direct sale on its website or in its store. Also, distributors are selling Apple products on their websites or in their stores. Apple usually does not have promotions for its products. However, they do discounts during special days such as Black Friday. However, resellers sometimes have promotions.

Apple has seventy-two thousand employees all over the world. Apple's organizational structure based on hierarchical order; decisions are taken from the top of the organizations. However, employees in Apple contribute to decision-making process. Every department leader follows the brand’s core values. It is essential for Apple to encourage their employees embracing Apple's core values. The company culture is all about innovations in technology. Also, Apple has product-based groups and collaboration between different teams and divisions in their organizational structure. Human Resources have various responsibilities, such as recruitment, employee development, and leadership development. However, the most important responsibility of human resources in Apple is maximizing the returns on investments by minimizing the financial risks. The fact that Apple culture encourages employees to participate in decision-making improves work commitment and performance. Arguably, Apple does not support career path. However, Apple supports an ethical workplace, and the company provides the highest standards for their employees.

Apple's core values are the innovation in technology, top quality of products, and best user experience. Apple sees itself as an innovation leader. Apple is investing a lot in recruiting the right talents. Employees should make a lot of effort for innovation while working for Apple. Candidates are only getting hired if they are fit to Apple culture. The selection process is based on a verbal interview—Also, Apple employs people from diverse backgrounds. Apple gives its employees an opportunity to advance their skills while working for the company. It provides an opportunity for training and development. Apple also provides an internship, and observes interns very closely for further employment. The internship program is a good opportunity for most talented students. At the end of the internship, the interns who display outstanding performance are employed. In this sense, one can conclude that Apple provides a real learning experience for interns.

Apple employees are working as groups. Apple's rewarding system is based on performance. Also, Apple employees have discounts for Apple products. Also, Apple allows mothers to take four weeks of paid leave (maternal leave) before birth and fourteen weeks after the birth. Apple provides employees with a $300 gym credit, and it also allows employees to change their departments for mastering their skills.


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