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Guns, Germs, and Steel Essay: Summary

This article examines Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel. This study also analyzes the ideological framework, contributors, and criticisms. The main goal is to inform about geography, and it's shaping effect on societies. The principle concepts are introduced, defined, and explained in detail. It is evident throughout this work that the focus of this book is not proving geography's importance wrong. It instead focuses on the great effect of geography on the history of the world. The reader who is interested in more detailed discussions of geography and it's shaping power can use the references section and find scientific information and studies as well as subjective ideas. Upon analysis, it is clear that geography shapes communities.


Some conditions give more extra beginning supplies and extra convenient circumstances for using discoveries and raising communities. This stands especially for distinguished during that advance of European communities, which happened because of environmental diversity and not because of anatomical diversity within these people themselves (Diamond, 2017). There exist four principal causes Europeans grew to influence and defeated the inhabitants of North and South America, and not the opposite direction round: The continental variations within the flowers and creatures are ready for domestication, which is directed toward more extra meals and more extended communities in Europe and Asia; that degree of spread of farming, technology, and reform due to that geographic adjustment of Europe and Asia (east-west) contrasted to the Americas (north-south); the comfort of intercontinental spread among Europe, Asia, and Africa, also the variations in the continental area, which directed to variations in whole population volume and technology spread.

Body Paragraphs

Ideological Framework

In a glimpse, Guns, Germs, and Steel meant one groundbreaking work of modern science upon its publicity during 1997. It continues as a foundational product concerning interdisciplinary geography also a generally affirmed idea about that means regarding European global conquering. Writer Jared Diamond declares that geographic circumstances regarding the Eurasian region comprised that source foundation on European conquering, providing during that transference regarding technologies, information, also illnesses that contributed westerly Eurasian communities an edge above those indigenous communities from those Americas, Africa, also the Pacific isles.

Explicitly, Diamond discusses conquering occurred not specific outcomes from physiological, ancestral, or phylogenetic varieties, yet from every lasting means regarding geographic position serving those communities from westerly Eurasia (Diamond, 2017). Guns, Germs, and Steel moved on to get both special Pulitzer Prize moreover that Aventis Prize concerning Best Science Book during 1998, also that was adjusted in some PBS documentary sequence within 2005.

On the Headline

The phenomenal writer claims these details placed within that book's heading—Guns, Germs, and Steel—hold those three main determinants that enabled the significant conquering concerning several of this realm by westerly Eurasian communities furthermore added on the continuing global imbalance. Unparalleled excellent weaponry caused conquering feasible, resistance against illnesses decimated domestic populations. Moreover, technological courage enabled during the transoceanic journey.

From those determinants, Diamond's claims did make achievable by environmental plus geographic roots, mainly east-west immigration above that Eurasian landmass that carried the latest technologies, communities, also diseases in connection beside one another. Diamond's subtitle, The Fates of Human Societies hints. Diamond continues considering specific progression regarding civilized societies and cities. The work attempts to clarify key issues regarding that world's state now since that sprang of its developmental means

The Principal Concepts

Within Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond tries to advance both an educated and a legislative discussion. He includes an interdisciplinary moreover geographic frame applying experimental methodologies under particular research about civilized communities. Politically,Diamond continues seeking to destroy discriminatory structures toward learning modern control dynamics, also the particular progression of civil chronicle.

Significance regarding Geography

Diamond wishes to prove the specific influence of geography while forming the hominid civil society. He tells scholars that unique arrangements regarding regions, individual characters of environments, significant accessible sources, also, every flow of a person, flower, plus primate varieties produce massive results not only for social anatomy or evolutionary biology even to that form and content regarding social communities. Indeed, that is Diamond's significant enrichment: arguing there exists some straightforward and causal connection among geographyand social structure and means.

In summary, geography affects the unique content concerning chronicle, conquering, governments, and technology. Diamond shows this causal link by "reverse engineering" in a particular manner about chronicle, beginning with inquiries on modern assets and authority imbalance of his New Guinean companion, Yali. Going back within the past, he questions regardingconquering and imperialism (Diamond, 2017). Later he goes farther backward to investigate unique "proximate determinants" about conquering within technology and resistance and then farther rearward yet to investigate prehistory and the beginning of civilized establishment and cultural system anthropologically.

Those beginnings, Diamond claims, last centrally attached to geography, on the kind of possible inherent plants plus fauna, at the sort of humanistic action achievable above or throughout geographic obstacles, also on different determinants. That holds a compelling image that embodies upon anthropology, evolutionary biology, primate anatomy, linguistics, archaeology also different areas. Under both time range and region, Diamond stands to imagine so great. He continues trying to produce one great account and singular frame that can assist in explaining many about the civilized chronicle. Social geography remains in the center of thinking mentioned above.

Investigating Force and Conquering

Struggle and conquest act the first part under Diamond's work. He regards that concern about brutality—in special, strong applications concerning force—is something that must be investigated and resolved. In the likewise background, he appears to pretend force means a set-piece regarding unique human experience. Section 1 from this work resolves including a complete description, some of that extracted straight of the firsthand source stuff, about Pizarro's triumph of those Incas without one single Spanish losses.

Diamond bases his whole book encompassing that turning period within human records. He tries methods to describe how that time was structured, what allowed that to work out that way it concluded, and how? Spanish conquistadors possessed the before-mentioned remarkable benefits during any armed struggle. Under that, he remains mostly thriving, explaining how geographic determinants, such as that arrangement concerning regions, also some examples and diversity of plants and fauna, aided produce improvements covering that Eurasian region that was not easily replicated outside.

Nonetheless, Diamond, too, looks to think brutality remains a settled portion regarding the specific human situation, ever-present while personal communication and trade at both every individual and social levels. Surprisingly, he makes no effort to explain how brutality itself remains culturally and historically structured or whereby determinants such as culture working in applications and perceptions of cruelty, or at the base, given his importance, whereby geographic circumstances impact how brutality is used. Rather, interpersonal struggle develops in a job to prove each structure regarding countries within farming communities, an assumption that could be challenged as important as conquering is questioned.


Thomas Edison

Diamond applies Thomas Edison to the point that discovery and cultural improvement mean group means rather than actions of personal inspiration.

Leo Tolstoy

Diamond quotes Tolstoy's book Anna Karenina to highlight one fundamental view concerning the specific advancement of cultures. To anything to run a reverse, just 1 part requires to break. However, to everything work right, each part requires to improve moreover be utilized in precisely specific best ways. Success remains, therefore, quite challenging.


The tale about that conquering of Atahuallpa stands essential to Diamond's overall discussion. During those chains of incidents heading on his arrest via that conquistador Francisco Pizarro, Diamond builds something he describes that "proximate reasons" regarding conquering. Those involved such application of army horses also about armed technology such as being steel weapons, rifles, and protection. Additionally, the Incas lived previously hurting of those consequences from a smallpox plague. Those determinants, "guns, germs, and steel," mean the important reasons for conquering ( Diamond's work is meant to reveal some more mysterious reasons; also, he discusses geographic determinants covering the regions, ultimately reveals why conquering occurred.

Johannes Gutenberg

Diamond employs Gutenberg to reveal whereby the technology regarding education needs a cultural setting to grow.


Jared Diamond penned a captivating work that implies to tell, in a very broad approach, unique advancement regarding civilization. This holds numerous descriptions of the growth of Eurasian culture rather than American subjects.

Tamed Pets

Inside Eurasia, there existed many big trained mammals, including the bull and horse. That held an edge concerning animal-powered agriculture and transport, as well as affecting those Eurasians by many complications those Americans possessed no immunity. Diamond puts a high emphasis on infections during social advancement also compares those consequences of establishing a connection with any further sick culture to being eaten.

The Direction of Expansion

It's more comfortable to culture to extend toward an approximately east-west route than a north-south route. Because the weather continues more same east-to-west (an illustration would imply that shortage regarding mounts inside South Africa till shipped by sea because people couldn't travel by field throughout that tsetse aerial region) ( Eurasia reaches further east-west, and America further north-south, as seems Africa.

Food Making

Wheat stands a greater grain than maize, within expressions of nourishment provided by the part application. There exist different determinants. Nevertheless, it's at most limited a well-written work besides externally reliable. How nice, well-supported, and well-regarded is that work?

Guns, Germs, and Steel: Conclusion

This article examined Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel. This study also analyzes the ideological framework, contributors, and criticisms. The main goal was to inform about geography, and it's shaping effect on societies. The principle concepts are introduced, defined, and explained in detail. It is evident throughout this work that the focus of this book is not proving geography's importance wrong. It instead focuses on the great effect of geography on the history of the world. The reader who is interested in more detailed discussions of geography and it's shaping power can use the references section and find scientific information and studies as well as subjective ideas. When the data in this paper is analyzed, it is clear that geography shapes communities.


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