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Avoiding Health Disparities

Health Disparities Essay: Introduction

Health care in Turkey is dominated by the Turkish Government. All health care and other related social activities are coordinated by the Ministry of Health. The organization of Government and the rights of Turkish people take place in the Turkish Constitution. The Ministry is responsible for building and operating state hospitals, supervise private hospitals. The training of the medical personnel depends on Ministry’s regulations. Private hospitals make a huge effort to do a better job in health care due to their highly qualified equipment and professional health personnel. The state and private hospitals are in a competition to provide the best service for the patients.

Body Paragraphs

At the beginning of the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities, there needs to be an initiative to enhance the health of the population. According to the report, there are three factors for elimination. First, the knowledge base. It is necessary at the beginning of the process for the decision. Besides knowledge, the social strategy is essential to actuate the public upon the main idea. This is a plan for knowledge and politics to be applied. Knowledge and strategy are vital for elimination; however, political will is a must for the process. It is necessary because there is a need to develop and fund new health programs according to society’s desires.

Health Disparities Essay: Conclusion

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities takes reducing the health disparities as a duty by leading scientific researches. Its mission focuses on the main problem to find an exact solution about it. The Institute plans, coordinates, reviews, and eliminates health disparities research and activities. The researches are essential for success; therefore, it supports and conducts them. NIMHD promotes the training of a variety of research workforce. All kind of information is necessary for everyone. Because of that, the institute disseminates research information. In order to have better results in short time periods, NIMHD promotes collaborations and partnerships.

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