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Patrick Hughes Artwork Essay

Patrick Hughes Artwork Essay: Introduction

Patrick Hughes, who is the founder of "reverspective," is a British artist in London (“Patrick Huges”). Reverspectives are three-dimensional paintings where the parts of the art piece which look away are absolutely the nearest physically. His 1976 work of art, Darkness Falls, is an example of his magnificent sense of perspective and perception. In this work of art, the perspective creates space and movement and gives the viewer a sense of unreality. The viewers can get the paradoxes in the art, making them think that Hughes deals with contradictions, self-contradictory, and circular, and revealing in an elegant and gifted way. Also, he plays with perspective to tamper with viewers' understanding of the vision.

Body Paragraphs

For instance, when we look at the Darkness Falls, we see an object, which falls out from the window, colored blue and three-dimensional in shape. This object looks like water that may represent the outpouring of the emotions, appears closest to viewers, but indeed, furthest away physical space. In Darkness Falls, Hughes uses the contrariety and paradoxes with the images of a window, floor, and something colored blue that flows from the window. In my opinion, the color blue is also used to strengthen the oxymoron. The distance of this three-dimensional object changes according to the viewer's point of view. The viewer cannot be sure that it is near or far because according to the aspect we look at, it changes from the right or left of the art piece. That explains Hughes’s paradox of perspective and perception.

He uses simple brushstrokes and lines to create this work of art because there is no need to use sophisticated and arduous materials and techniques. In my opinion, the artist aims to make viewers feel the hidden sense of the paradoxical perspective of Darkness Falls, not the complicated view. He touches the viewer’s understanding of perspective with very simple lines and colors. For Hughes, the important thing is to achieve the main properties of reverspectivism. For instance, the physical geometry of the art piece must be opposite to that of the painted scenery. Also, a physical non-fronto parallel rectangle should be turned into a slanted trapezoid. And when the viewers look at the reverspective and acquire a stable illusion, the view begins to move vividly as they actually move.

Even it sounds easy to achieve these properties, creating an illusory motion is absolutely a force to reckon with. And the viewer can understand the illusory motion if a work of art reveals the percept of depth inversion. When the viewer sees the illusion of inverted depth, they also understand the all art piece to move actively. On the contrary, when they see the illusory motion, they also see the illusory inverted depth. As a result, from all these techniques, paradoxes, oxymorons, and sense of illusory motion, we understand that Peter Hughes is an artist who really wants to create and raise his perspectivism with his unbelievably gorgeous work of arts. His Darkness Falls is a great example of reverspectivism with its simple lines and colors and extraordinarily successful optical illusion.

By using optical illusion, Darkness Falls is created like that it changes you move past it, and that optical illusion is based on a knowledge of perspective, the pair of linear and forced. Seeing Darkness Falls in the video by changing the camera's position relative to the work would be more effective and understandable because it would give us the effect of walking by them. This illusion of unity is unbelievably miraculous, and watching the video of the art is the only photographic way you can grip the dimensionality of the work. On the other hand, examining the works of art in museums and art centers is also a useful way to discover the dimensionality and optical illusion of the art pieces.

Patrick Hughes Artwork Essay: Conclusion

After all, by looking at the work, one can infer that it does not merely give the main purpose of Hughes's reverspective art, one should research into the background, history, and principles of the art piece and Hughes’ to understand all of the techniques and the genuine message behind it, along with Hughes's unique sense of perspective and perception. Thanks to Peter Hughes, with the reverspective, the sense of perception and perspective gains new meaning in it. With optical illusions, art-lovers begin to experience a new side of the perspective art. In brief, with works like Darkness Falls, Hughes starts a new flow for people to experience a different side of the perspective.


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