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Racism Essay Example

Racism Essay Example: Introduction

There are several tribes, societies, and nations living on earth. These communities have different skin colors, body types, characteristics, language, culture, and lifestyle. Every difference brings beauty and variety to nature. There is no exact supremacy between different races, at least in a scientific way—however, some people strive for superiority against some of the races (“About Racism,” 2018). Racism is essentially a belief of one race's superior to another one. Racism has always been throughout human history (“Racism,” 2019). The societies' hostility to the others brought the idea of getting an edge over them. This idea gave way to racial separatism after a while. Racism is one of the supreme issues of the World. Millions of people suffer from this problem throughout history, and many people will deal with this in the future too.

Racism Essay Body Paragraphs

Racism has been a bleeding wound of the earth for the last thousand years. There have been many racial problems all over the planet. People carry a grudge against others because of their different looks or beliefs. Many organizations have been established in different countries that cause racism. Some of these organizations were legal and became the government, so did their racial segregation through laws. Jewish genocide, the exile of Crimean Tatars, slavery of Africans, torture to Uyghurs, and human history is full of racial problems (Feagin, 2013). Many people died or suffered from illness because of their religion, language, and nations.

Especially, western countries have been on a power trip over the eastern ones or Africans. Both world wars caused some racial segregation around the World. Racism is a persistent problem around the World. The moral principles or religious beliefs do not support racism anyway. However, people's hatred against others overrides morals and religion. From the past to today, millions of people have died even though they were innocent. Racism is a crime; however, there is not any authority to prevent it from happening. Most of the superpowers did some racial separations, or they are still doing.

Nazis grounded their theories and policies with racism before WWII. German Government and the Parliament during the 1930s were representing the Nazi Party's ideas (Fish & Syed, 2019). They claimed that human history had been full of struggles between different races (Fish & Syed, 2019). Adolf Hitler and his workmates' goal were to separate the pure race from Jews, Gypsies, and black people (Feagin, 2013). Nazis were calling themselves the 'Aryans' that is the superior race in the World. To be able to catch the pure race, there were many experiments applied to millions of people. For ten years of period, from 1935 to 1945, Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews and Gypsies.

The racial separatism in Germany was based on anti-Semitism (Fish & Syed, 2019). Nazis classified the Jews as the most inferior and dangerous race in the World. Hitler announced the Nurnberg Race Law in 1935 to state an exact definition for the Jews just before segregation (Fish & Syed, 2019). According to the law, Jews were not citizens of Germany but the state's subjects (Feagin, 2013). Nazi propaganda created reactions during WWII, and after the war, there were approximately 6 million deaths of Jews (Fish & Syed, 2019). This genocide is called the Holocaust, and it was the most tragic event of world history.

The World's probably most significant racial separation of black people has existed from the 16th century until today (“Racism,” 2019). Millions of African people were kidnapped and sent to America. African people were slaves to the Americans and European because of their skin color. The USA is seen as the country of equations and freedoms. However, historical events show that this situation is discussed just for white people. From time to time, there have been some racist attacks in the USA. Africans' rights to life, freedom, educations, etc., were violated. The difference from Nazi segregation is that Nazis aimed to extinguish the races other than Aryans. They focused on the genocide of Jews and Gypsies directly through the laws.

In the USA, everyone has equal rights before the rules, yet black people come across the whites' inferior treatment. The racial separations concluded as civil war during American history. In the 19th century, during the civil war, an organization was established, Ku Klux Klan (Son Hing et al., 2002). Their goal was to ensure white people's prosperity by slaughtering blacks. There had been thousands of murders until the second half of the 20th. Ku Klux Klan was a racist organization like the Nazis. They were not as useful as the Nazis; however, their ideas still alive in the USA.

Racism continues to persecute and kill people in the 21st century. International law forbids racial separations; however, the World's superpowers do not consider this much enough. There is a sad example of racism in China today. Chinese government segregates Uyghurs in western China. It is similar to the Nazis' policies against the Jews during WWII. The same torture, murder, and racial discrimination are applied against Uyghurs there. Nazis have done what they would do in ten years, and they could not go on after WWII.

However, the Chinese racist policies began in the 1950s and continue today (Son Hing et al., 2002). Racism in China differs from the one in the USA. In the USA, the government, the presidency, and the laws are against segregation. Besides, in China, this is accepted as a state policy. Chinese Government, the Communist Party, tries to push Chinese people's superiority on the other races and societies (Son Hing et al., 2002). People who do not have the same beliefs, traditions, faiths, cultures, and languages suffer from the Chinese tortures in concentration camps. Nazi executions exist in China in the 21st century. The government obtrudes its policies to people different than the Han Chinese. Han Chinese are the owners of all lands of the People's Republic of China.

It is a fact that racism is a crime, and if someone is racist, s/he should be punished. It is penal for individuals; however, for the states, there is not aversively enforcement. There have been many racial segregations throughout history; however, only the Nazi leaders and directors were accepted to commit racial offenses. Others' executions were not seen as essential enough to be punished. Some of the American, Russian, French, Chinese leaders should have been responsible for their decisions.

International Law does not work well against racism. UNESCO did an act against racism in 1950, but it was not well enough to prevent people and countries from segregation (“About Racism,” 2018). Racism against blacks continues in the USA, even if it is the World's one of equality and freedom supporters. There is an Islamophobic movement in European countries because of a terrorist organization that they support and feed. Thousands of Uyghurs suffer from Chinese torture in their hometown. Africans are seen as slaves in some conditions. International Law supports acts against racism only on paper. There is no authority to prevent it from happening.

Racism takes place in any part of our lives. Human psychology is affected because of the racial conflicts in the area people live in. People who meet racial segregation at an early age affect their future life in terms of various meanings. They could not believe in the word 'peace' enough. Their self-confidence does not improve well enough. They carry a fear of being discriminated against the inside of their mind. The people who deal with racism could lose self-love for a while. Friendships, communications, and other social relations do not go well enough. On the opposite side, the one who discriminates against people loses the meaning of love and peace. They live their life with a high conceit. Mutualization and solidarity do not mean anything. Racism causes psychological damage to the human mind. There is not a peaceful atmosphere if there is racial segregation. Racism causes chaos and health problems for people.

Racism Essay Conclusion

Racism has always been a bleeding wound for World. People suffered because of this discrimination. Everyone has the right to freedom, equality, belief, and life. Racism extinguishes all these human rights. The infringement of human rights brings chaos, and it prevents peace from being set up. Every race has different characteristics and beauty. After all, people need to live them all together. However, some of them want to spirit away another one persistently. Every person is different from each other; therefore, it is reasonable to deal with various daily life ideas. There is not a gospel for the thoughts or the races. Thus, no one can know which race is superior to the other. The supremacy between the races is hinged upon the economic and political benefits.


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