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System Proposal, Susceptibility to Network Hackers


In the last decades, the world has become quite digital and dependent on cutting-edge electronic and networking devices such as computers and smartphones. With this digitalization, many private health and government institutions tend to adapt their data collection to digital networks (“Industrial Network Security,” 2016). Although this approach creates a fast and practical data handling environment, the scope of stealing data (or hacking in today’s world) has become much more remote and accessible. In other words, a competent and advanced hacker can now steal the data of thousands of patient information from a hospital’s database, when it is not properly protected by the networking agents. This assignment presents a system proposal regarding network and data security in such organizations, and it highlights the fact that these measures should be taken to combat effectively against hacking and susceptibility to network hackers.

The Goal for the Project

The ongoing trend of network and data hacking have become an issue across the world. Accordingly, many health institutions and nursing informatics have been negatively affected by the drawbacks of the digitalizing world. To overcome such an issue, several recommendations will be made. Most importantly, the goal for this project is to ensure patient data safety in the digital databases.

Background of the Problem

In general, computer and network hacking refer to have direct access to other networks and computers without the owner’s permission. In this sense, if a hacker can sneak into a network or database of an organization, the data and even credit card information of patients or customers can easily be stolen, and this issue will create drastic problems for organizations and businesses (The Effects of Computer Hacking on an Organization, 2019). Furthermore, hackers can erase the data and backup, which is much more fatal for the organization.

“Networking provides access to countless opportunities for nurses and patients and allows them to communicate, interact, and collaborate with each other in order to enhance nursing care practice and improve health” (“Healthcare Under Attack,” 2018; Khanum et al., 2016, para. 2). Therefore, the role of networking and data tools are not negligible in nursing, and they create useful practices for both sides. In this direction, many research has already highlighted the increasing trend of hacking in the digital world. When considered the fact that nursing and health institutions are now quite associated with network and data systems, identifying a digital problem of hacking data and networks is now quite critical for authorities.

Proposed Solutions and Anticipated Benefits

Email security

Emails are the first reason for malware into a network. “Given all the data that have pointed to this as the root cause of many breach events, it should be the first place where organizations take the time to be informed patients or consumers in this regard and understand the threat of email” scum and spamming of hackers (Hacking Prevention, 2020, para. 7).

End-point Detection and Response

In general, most of the emails are designed for a user to click on. Malicious web content is the second most reason for malware and hacking. Therefore, Nursing Informacisits should implement scheduled end-point link controls of email interaction within an organization. In this direction, malware, shutdown viruses, and other unwanted programs can be identified by the tech team before creating potential damage to the network and data.

Multi-step / Multi-factor Authentication

After all, one of the most common causes of hacking and breaching to a network is the hacking of login credentials of admins or other users with limited admin rights to databases or network. In parallel with this claim, many internet-based companies and organizations have already turned to such system to ensure both admin and user data and network safety (Hacking Prevention, 2020). Accordingly, health institutions should implement multi-factor authentication to their network and data system logins in order to prevent possible breaching threats and loss of patient data.

Cloud-based database services also provide mobility. As the business grows, mobile teams will not have any problems regarding accessing the organizational data as they are available at any moment. When compared to prototype on-site traditional database servers, the disaster recovery of cloud services is relatively effective, fast, and responsive. In other words, it will not take weeks to restore data out of a disaster with cloud database systems.

Project Timetable

According to the project timetable above, the project will start with end-point detection and response security measures. During the process, email security measures will be taken to prevent email malware and probable breaches. The project will then continue with multi-step authentication, which will approximately take 50 days. After all, patient and network security will be drastically boosted for both organization and the patient

Tech Research Paper: Susceptibility to Network Hackers

Implementation Plan Insights

Activity Involved Goals Subtasks Assigned to
Define goalsIT teamNetwork SecurityE-mail sec. / Multi factorNI
Kick-off Meeting - phase 1IT teamNetwork SecurityDefine problemsNI
Open QuestionsIT team/All TeamNetwork SecurityDefine more problemsNI/All team
Analysis dataIT teamNetwork SecurityGather more insightsNI
Team meetingIT teamNetwork SecurityDiscuss solutionsNI/All team
Plan a draft of your strategyIT teamNetwork SecurityTimetableNI
Team meeting 2IT teamNetwork SecurityDiscussionNI
Re-planningIT teamNetwork SecurityNI
Deadline 1st goalsIT teamNetwork SecurityAnalysis and ProcessNI
Define goals phase 2IT teamNetwork SecurityAnalysis and ProcessNI
Kick off meeting phase 2IT teamNetwork SecurityAnalysis and ProcessNI
Open Questions phase 2IT team/All teamNetwork SecurityDiscussion and BrainstormingNI
Analysis data phase 2IT teamNetwork SecurityAnalysis of SolutionNI
Team meeting phase 2IT teamNetwork SecurityProcess EvaluationNI
Plan a draft of your strategy phase 2IT teamNetwork SecurityProcess ConclusionNI


Organizational and business world has drastically been changed in recent decades. In this sense, one cannot neglect the importance of digital network and data security when it comes to managing organizations and institutions, especially in today’s increasingly digitalizing world. Subsequently, data breaching and network security have become the main agendas of such institutions. In this direction, authorities have concentrated on implementing different strategies to combat against such breaches and data losses due to hacking or lack of system specification. In this assignment, a system proposal regarding the patient, network and data safety has been presented. Accordingly, email security, end-point detection and response, and multi-factor authentications have been listed as recommendations, and related timetable and schedule have been presented. After all, authorities should implement these critical measures to prevent probable threats regarding network and safety data.


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