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Duygu Demiröz

How to Write a Discussion Essay (With Steps & Examples)

A discussion essay, also called a controversial essay, is where you express your opinion about a topic. When writing one, cover both sides of the topic , present the key points that back your viewpoint and the opposing one.

Duygu Demiröz

Writing a Great Poetry Essay (Steps & Examples)

Whether you love literature or are just curious, this guide will help you understand, enjoy, and talk about poetry. So, let’s start exploring the world of lines and symbols, where each one tells a story to discover.

Duygu Demiröz

How to Write a Process Essay (Steps & Examples)

Process essays are one of the most common types of academic writing. It’s simply explaining a process of how to do something. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to write a process essay in steps with interactive examples. 

Duygu Demiröz

Writing a Common App Essay (Steps & Examples)

Writing a common app essay can be an important part of your college application process. This type of essay allows you to showcase your personality, experiences, and perspective in a way that goes beyond your academic achievements and test scores.

Duygu Demiröz

How to Write a Synthesis Essay (Steps & Examples)

Synthesis essay is a challenging form of academic writing in which you combine multiple sources into a coherent and persuasive argument. When writing one, better follow a series of basic steps that we will explain in the next paragraphs to write a great essay.

Asena Kocakusak

Writing a Great Autobiography (Steps & Examples)

An autobiography essay is simply writing about your personal experiences or a specific event, but not a story of your whole life. Although the writing process may take a lot of time, it’s easy to overcome with a good preparation and planning.

Education concept. Student studying and brainstorming campus con
Asena Kocakusak

An Extensive Guide to Essay Structures (With Examples)

Writing a great essay is all about having a clear and logical structure. However, many people struggle with organizing their thoughts and ideas in a way that is both coherent and easy to follow. If you’re one of them, don’t worry!

Dogukan Duman

Essay Topic Ideas

Get inspiration for your essay with our list of essay topic ideas, from persuasive and argumentative to narrative and research essay topics.

Melisa Bestel

Checklist: Writing an essay

From planning your argument to checking for plagiarism, get organized and improve your academic writing with our comprehensive checklist for writing an essay.