Technology Essay on IoT and Cloud


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Technology Essay on IoT and Cloud

Cloud Based Technologies

In the 21st century, cloud-based technologies have started to become popular, and they are now used by almost every major companies. Cloud-based technologies provide services through information technology (IT) that is used as a plus service through the internet. More specifically, Cloud-based technologies require a network. Usually, cloud-based technologies demand a monthly payment or subscription because they are different from any other networks or services. Also, cloud-based services provide storage, platforms, and virtual elements to its users across the world.

Cloud-based services can be used in different ways. For instance, they can be private, or they can be open to the public. Commonly, most of the cloud-based services are open to the public, but private services are limited to people who have access to that cloud-based services with a specific password. Also, cloud-based services provide lots of options that are helpful to the public, such as storage options that help individuals protect their piece of information or photographs in their storage.

In this sense, one can infer that cloud-based services help individuals store their piece of information, and they also allow individuals to enter platforms that help their daily life or businesses. More specifically, in the 21st century, data storage has become a critical variable for business or corporations because most of the business continue their businesses with the help of data storage. Also, cloud-based services are more efficient than other resources, and cloud-based technologies’ cost is comparably reasonable than other resources or services prizes.

There are various forms of cloud-based services. Firstly, the usage of cloud services has become closely associated with the common cloud offerings, such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) (Rouse, 2016). SaaS software service provides customers to enter the service through the internet. PaaS services allow customers to enter the service without downloads or installation. IaaS service provides managing storages.

IoT Technologies

IoT technologies and services are considered as the Internet of Things. More specifically, IoT technologies include everything related to the internet. In other words, IoT technologies allow individuals to share their data without any requirements or sources. In this sense, IoT technologies allow individuals to connect their internet devices with each other.

One can infer that in the 21st century, IoT technologies are efficient services that help individuals share their data with other services or platforms with an internet connection. That is, IoT is like establishing communication between interrelated computing mechanical devices that can transfer data over the internet and respond accordingly in the human-machine contact-free world (“What is IoT,” 2020). Also, IoT technologies allow individuals to manage their work through the internet, such as ordering something on the internet. In this sense, IoT technologies allow individuals to connect their devices to their other devices, and it allows to connect any types of network that is available. Also, IoT technologies are considered secure services, and they provide a lot of benefits to individuals and businesses or corporations.

IoT services have different qualifications. For example, IoT technology can collect data and send those data to other devices. Other qualifications of IoT technologies are quite vast; it can collect data, and it can respond to these data rapidly, and it can match a piece of data and equip them to each other. In other words, IoT technologies have several different features that enable to collect data, respond to data, and they can equip a piece of data according to the need of data usage.

IoT technologies include several concepts that enable to collect data and respond to data such as sensors, intelligence, and connectivity. The main purpose of IoT technology is to collect data with the help of sensors and respond to data. In other words, IoT technologies process data sets and respond to these data sets. Also, another purpose of IoT technologies is to provide connectivity between devices and a piece of data. Therefore, IoT technologies provide great help to individuals and business because they manage to process data and equip data.

Challenges and Problems

In the 21st century, business, and corporations are investing thousands of dollars to cloud-based technologies and IoT technologies, but IoT technologies are showing security problems. More specifically, individuals and businesses have increasing concerns about IoT technologies’ security problems. That is, the biggest concern about implementing IoT technologies is security because IoT technologies and cloud-based services include millions of data about individuals.

Furthermore, these pieces of data include individuals’ locations or personal pieces of information. Therefore, IoT technologies can be hacked by hackers and hackers can use these data for harming individuals, or they can hack their bank accounts because IoT technologies and cloud-based technologies include a lot of personal data about individuals. Also, IoT technology developers are not putting security on priority because security measures are costing billions of dollars. Therefore, IoT technologies seem to have global security concerns across the platforms.

Also, cloud-based services face problems with security settings because hackers can steal individuals' information from cloud-based services. In other words, in the 21st century, the biggest danger and problem in IoT technologies and cloud-based services is security. Moreover, businesses can face problems if hackers steal individuals’ information from their cloud-based services, and businesses can lose their reputation and trustworthiness.

Possible Solutions: Conclusion

Possible solutions for solving IoT technologies and cloud-based services' problems is that IoT technology companies should put security to their priority lists no matter how much it costs because a lot of businesses and individuals are using IoT technologies and cloud-based services. IoT technology companies and cloud-based services should not be risking individuals’ pieces of information. More specifically, businesses should improve their security settings when they are implementing cloud-based services and IoT technologies. Also, businesses should upgrade security measures, and they should patch their IoT technologies. In this sense, the business should evaluate possible threats that may happen, and they should take adequate measures because IoT technology developers state that they are not embracing the security as a priority. Therefore, businesses should take their own measures.

To sum up, the biggest problem of IoT technologies and cloud-based services is security problems that can be hacked by hackers. In other words, hackers can steal individuals’ pieces of information. Therefore, IoT technology companies and cloud-based services should improve their security measures. Also, businesses who are implementing IoT technologies and cloud-based services should take their own security measures because in the 21st-century individuals' data is more important than anything.


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