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The Terror of ISIS

Terrorism Essay Introduction

Terrorism is attacking civilians to reason in chaos. The terrorists make their actions real on people promiscuously. Transnational terrorism is attacking against different states and nationalities. The world has encountered many terror actions in history, and many civilians died because of these actions. Terrorism is in an increase in 21st century in terms of transnationally and domestic. The terrorist groups generally born in the Middle East.

Birth of ISIS

The radial terrorist cells in Middle-East, based on establishing an Islamic State. Therefore, they control vast lands, especially in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has great terrorism power in Middle-East where it was born (“Political Extremist Groups,” 2019). Its birthplace is Iraq. The terrorist group was the branch of Al-Qaeda in Iraq in a different name. After a conflict between the center of the association and the branch, the group separated from Al-Qaeda and named as Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). The fight of the primary two sects of Islam, Sunnism, and Shiism, increased in time after the birth of ISI, which collected the Sunni tribes. The center of the radical group in Iraq; however, as the Syrian Civil War began in the 2010s, it is renamed as Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham and started its actions also in Syria and after Turkey. ISIS collected some Syrian jihadist groups around itself against Beşşar el-Assad's government. The main aim of ISIS was told as replacing the states with an Islamic Revolution. Islamic Law leads the terrorist group. The leader of ISIS, as their call: Caliph, was Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi up to its death by the USA last year.

Branches of ISIS and Financing

ISIS started its activities in Iraq and then spread through Syria and other Middle-East countries, which means that ISIS is a transnational terrorist group rather than a domestic group. ISIS affected the Arabic countries at the beginning to establish an Islamic reform movement. After that, it spread through Asia, to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and through North Africa, to Libya, Algeria. The jihadist group names the countries in which it has power as Wilayah. For instance, Wilayah of Iraq, Wilayah of East Asia, Wilayah of West Africa. ISIS calls the combats groups in the countries for jihadists across to their governments.

The primary financial resources of all terrorist groups are kidnapping for ransom and smuggling. It is reported that the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham earned millions of dollars from oil smuggling and ransoms (Blannin, 2017). The incomes of ISIS were high enough for the association to be self-sufficient. The petroleum fields in eastern Syria and Mosul were used illegally by ISIS for a while. Besides these, the substantial amount of ISIS's incomes from different criminal activities as robbery, extortion, racketeering, smuggling of money, and people. According to a study, ISIS controls the hydrocarbon sector in Middle-East and North Africa (Porter, 2015). The terror group sells oil in Iraq and Syria at a discounted price. The monetary funds of ISIS were an important factor for it to be a transnational terrorist organization.

Terrorism Essay Conclusion

Islamic State has significant scaled effects rather than the domestic terror groups in terms of its monetary funds, impact area, and actions. ISIS's main aim was to establish an Islamic Revolution; however, it has been beaten by many of the countries' militaries; thus, it lost its power. In about ten years of process, ISIS created extreme chaos first in Middle-East then in Asia, Africa, and even if Europe. Its effects on the governments and especially on people decreased almost to zero. In conclusion, the terrorist organization is not transnational anymore just because it has no power.


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