The Three Faces of Eve Analysis


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The Three Faces of Eve Analysis

The Three Faces of Eve Analysis: Introduction

The Three Faces of Eve is a movie that makes the viewers step into the creepiest parts of psychology, start questioning themselves, but most importantly, open their eyes. This movie tells a woman who is a timid wife and a mother with a sporadic disease-multiple personality disorder. Throughout the story, we witness Eve White discovering her inner identities and understanding her medical condition. In this paper, psychological concepts in The Three Faces of Eve have been discussed in detail.

Body Paragraphs

As there are a lot of movies today which discourse the same idea, the movie at first may seem a little discreet, especially when we take into consideration the year in which the film was made. But on the other hand, the way they approached the issue and the grandiosity of the actors’ and the actress’s performances make the movie much more extraordinary. As we have mentioned before, the main character, Eve White, is a demure wife and a mother who consistently suffers from headaches and blackouts. This situation brings together Eve and Dr. Luther, a critical character for Eve’s real personality (or personalities) to come out. Eve starts receiving treatment from Dr. Luther, and during the sessions, Eve Black emerges a new personality.

Eve Black has many different characteristics when we compare her with Eve White. She is more energetic, more outgoing, definitely more seductive. I believe it is fair to say that Eve Black is the suppressed personality of White, with the aspects she wanted to have but could not due to a childhood trauma she had experienced in the past. Even the slightest fear we have today connects to a point from our past. For example, it is easy to assume that someone who has arachnophobia (fear of spiders) probably had a bad experience with the spiders when they were young. This is what has been emphasized in the story of Eve White. Through a series of unfortunate events, Eve’s husband abandons her, loses her daughter, and gets hospitalized.

In another hypnosis session, Dr. Luther meets Jane, Eve's third personality. Compared to the other two, Jane is calmer and more mature. After continuing the sessions with Jane, Doctor finally finds out the source of Eve’s disorder. When she was six years old, Eve loses her lovely grandmother. As a way of letting her go peacefully, Eve's mother makes her kiss the dead body, which causes Eve's personality to split into more personalities. Perhaps it was her defense mechanism against this memory.

After the real mystery is solved, Jane starts to remember everything that has happened so far, not only to Eve White but also to Eve Black, and when Dr. Luther demands to speak with Eve White again realizes that she and Eve Black no longer exists. Jane consubstantiates all the personalities into one and becomes an average person again and turns over a new leaf. I believe it is safe to say; this movie is an excellent example of what we call "the butterfly effect." One moment from her childhood shaped Eve's character, determined the type of people and the relationships she had built with them. If her mother had not made her kiss a corpse, or if she had not witnessed such a thing happening, her life could have breezed to a completely different course. What impressed me the most was how effectively this matter discoursed.

When we look back, everything we have experienced links back to a former experience. And when we look from a psychological point of view, everything we have experienced or will experience shaped or will shape our character. And like Eve White, all experiences affect our decisions about our future, such as marriage, job, caring for babies, and so on. A little thing in our minds can hinder our desires and wishes and make us live what we do not want even if we want something else. In my opinion, Eve White lives her own dream life by using her multiple personalities. Having a three personality is like not knowing what you want. She stuck in somewhere covered with old bad memories, unknown dream life, responsibilities, and it affects her psychology in a way that destroys her life. The movie show viewers the dominance of psychology in our lives and how it can change our lives.

The Three Faces of Eve Analysis: Conclusion

The Three Faces of Eve is a great movie because of more than one reason. First of all, there is no way we cannot mention how mesmerizing Joanne Woodward’s acting was. She deserved that Oscar for a reason. Secondly, the selection of music was made very carefully. They managed to keep the rhythm parallel with the chain of events. But, most importantly, all the things Eve went through were dealt with great diligence. As in real life, nothing happened in vain. Instead, every single detail had a reason to happen.

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