Music Concert Report: Beethoven & Vivaldi


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Music Concert Report: Vivaldi & Beethoven

Music Concert Report: Introduction

This paper focuses on two concerts: Vivaldi Four Season and Beethoven Smpyhony 5&6, and both concerts have a strong effect on the audience's feelings. However, Vivaldi Four Season has three movements that affected me deeply,, II.slow, The soloist is playing the slow part, and then orchestra joins the music. In this sense, the orchestra plays faster with the soloist. The slow and fast sounds are reminders of how individuals are living to own their own, and they are facing ups and downs in life. Moreover, when the orchestra plays with soloists in fast parts, it reminded me that whatever the consequences of life come with the seasons, individuals become less aware of their ups and downs and beginning to flow with the seasons. In other words, individuals are adapting to seasons. Beethoven's symphony 5&6 concert is played by a bigger orchestra than Four Seasons, and music reminded me of fairy tales because music becomes more sacred with the orchestra. Therefore, the audience can feel and understand the story without any words. Especially, I paid my attention to soloists because their contribution makes the music sacred.

Body Paragraphs

Both pieces of music are engaged with me because I felt the music’s stories. In Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I felt the ups and downs in life as the seasons go by because music summarizes life; every year, individuals are living the same seasons and trying to find their roles in life. Performers were prepared; they were connected with both music and audience; they lived the music while they were playing, and that could easily be seen in their faces. Therefore, the Four Seasons concert was successful.

Beethoven's Symphony 5&6 has also engaged with me because orchestra played so well that I felt the sacred parts of the music and life. Performers were prepared; they were connected with the orchestra chef and audience. In addition, they were aware of the music's sacredness. Moreover, it was successful. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is prepared with four violin concertos, instruments involved in this piece that solo viola, and accompanying orchestra includes twelve violins, four violas, three cellos, double bass, and a harpsichord. Four season's texture includes both monophonic and polyphonic textures (Lumen Leaning n.p.). Four season's harmony includes multiple harmonies as the season changes, in the opening of the spring, there is a tonal harmony, but in the third episode of the spring, the storm describes with chromatic harmony. The melodies in the four-season have both wide range and short according to the seasons. Four Season occurs with sonatas. The growth includes ABA.

Beethoven's symphony 5&6 scored for piccolo, four-movement only and instruments are two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets in B flat and C, two bassoons, contrabassoon or double bassoon (fourth movement only), two horns in E flat and C, two trumpets, three trombones (alto, tenor, and bass, the fourth movement only), timpani (in G-C) and strings (Magazine n.p.). The symphony 5 uses tonic texture and tonal harmony. The melody has both short and long-range. The symphony 5 occurs with sonata-allegro. The growth is ABA.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678, in Venice, Italy. His father was a professional violin. Therefore, Vivaldi grew up with music. His father supported him with music, and he met musicians at an early age. However, he wanted to be a priest, and he went to priest school, due to the health problems he had to quit school (“Antonio Vivaldi”). He wrote composers in his youth, and the time his age became 25, he was known as the master of violin in Venice. However, he left Venice because of his financial problems, he went to Vienna, and he died in Vienna in 1747.

Beethoven was born in 1770. Beethoven's father began teaching him music with extraordinary rigor and brutality that affected him for the rest of his life. Moreover, Beethoven was flogged, locked in the cellar, and deprived of sleep for extra hours of practice. He studied the violin and clavier with his father as well as taking additional lessons from organists around town (“Ludvig Van Beethoven”). However, he was a talented musician at an early age. He faced many struggles in his life. In this sense, he composed some of the greatest works while he was going deaf. He died in 1827, but before his death, he was known as a German pianist and successful composer.

First, a few years ago, I listened to both Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Beethoven's symphony 5&6. I was expecting good music, but both concerts were more than good, they were extraordinary. The performances were breath-taking. After the long day, both concerts made me relax, and I became more stress-free. Audiences in both concerts seemed to enjoy the concert. Moreover, after the Four Season's ended, the audience applause the performers at least three minutes. The Symphony 5&6 had the same effect on the audience. They seemed to enjoy the concert.

Music Concert Report: Conclusion

After all, I enjoyed both concerts. I think both concerts say nothing about society, and the composes focused on individuals and every individual feel different feeling about the music. Therefore, music examines individuals, not culture. However, the reactions of the audience to the performers say something about our culture. It represents that society highly values performers and music. Eventually, I liked the thunders in the Four Seasons, and I liked the most about the horns in the Symphony 5.


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