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Osman Sirin

Creating a Perfect Essay Outline (With Steps & Examples)

Before writing an essay, you might be asked to create an essay outline as a separate assignment. But, even if you aren’t required to do so, creating an outline as part of the writing process is always a good idea.

An essay outline is a strategy for structuring and organizing the key points of your essay into sections, making it easier for you to compose an essay.

Ibrahim Akturk

How long is an essay?

Discover the average word count for different types with our how long is an essay guide. Learn how your educational level, topic, and department determine it.

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a Perfect Statement of Purpose (SOP)

A statement of purpose (SOP) or (application essay, personal background, or cover letter) is an academic essay in which you tell about yourself to the reader. In this article, I’ll guide you through the writing process with interactive examples.

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a Scholarship Essay (Steps & Interactive Examples)

As a student, you may need to submit letters of recommendation and transcripts in order to qualify for scholarships, whether private or publicly sponsored. But one thing is certain, almost any admission requires a well-written essay.

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay (Steps & Examples)

A rhetorical essay is a type of essay that is focused on how an author expresses himself. You need to concentrate on the author’s style rather than what he/she is saying. So, the techniques and goals of the authors are way more critical in this type of essay.

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a Perfect Reflective Essay (Steps & Examples)

Reflective essays begin with a description of an event or occurrence, followed by an analysis of what the experience means and what can be derived from it. The writer of a reflective essay examines a past experience from the perspective of the present.

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a Great Profile Essay: Tips, Steps & Examples

A profile essay is when you focus your writing on a single person, location, or object. When you need to write one of these types of essays, it’s important to keep the essay’s main objective in mind. This objective is to be enlightening.

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a Perfect Personal Statement (Steps & Examples)

In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to writing a personal statement for your application to any graduate school. By its most straightforward description, a personal statement is a short essay in which you tell the reader about:

Deniz Akcaoglu

Writing a 5-Paragraph Opinion Essay (Steps & Examples)

An opinion essay is a structured piece of writing in which the author expresses their point of view on a specific subject. In an opinion essay, you should back up your perspective with solid reasoning and examples.