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Deniz Akcaoglu

An Extensive Guide to Literary Analysis (Steps & Examples)

When writing a literary analysis, you need to read closely for the author’s choices and style. You simply imagine yourself as the writer or critique. Although this type of essay requires a different and close approach, it usually follows a traditional essay structure.

Ibrahim Akturk

Writing a Great Informal Essay (Steps & Examples)

An informal essay is quite different from other types of essays. In an informal essay, you’re writing as if you are talking to a friend. You do not need to engage in a strict academic writing process, but you should still avoid sloppiness.

Ibrahim Akturk

Writing a Great First Person Essay (Steps & Examples)

A first person essay is a type of academic essay written in the first person point of view that presents a significant lesson learned from a writer’s personal experience. The aim of a first person essay is to establish a bond with the reader. You encourage the reader to accompany you on your personal journey when writing this type of essay.

Education concept. Student studying and brainstorming campus con
Osman Sirin

Writing a Great Expository Essay (Steps & Examples)

You need to maintain a neutral tone while writing your expository essay. After all, the primary target is to explain or inform the reader rather than convincing, unlike persuasive or argumentative essays.

Osman Sirin

Writing a Perfect Descriptive Essay (Steps & Examples)

A descriptive essay gives a clear and detailed definition of a topic. Similar to narrative essays, a descriptive essay needs to be vivid and creative. This type of essay tests your ability to write and paint the topic with your own words. Generally, you’ll be asked to write descriptive essays in high school or university.

Melisa Bestel

Writing a Perfect Definition Essay (Steps & Examples)

Are you struggling with how to write a definition essay? Look no further! In this post, we’ll provide you with the tips and tricks you need to craft a clear and concise definition essay that will impress your readers.

Ibrahim Akturk

Writing a College Application Essay in 5 Steps (With Examples)

When it comes to applying for college, the college application essay is often the most daunting task for students. It’s a chance to showcase your unique personality and experiences, but also a way to demonstrate your writing skills and ability to articulate your goals and ambitions.